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 Knowledge is a treasure, but practice is the key to it!

An inner transformation that can be used as a guide is THE MAGIC, by Rhonda Byrne, a practical book related to the Attitude towards Gratitude.

The more Grateful you are, the healthier you will become.  

This book represents a personal journey of 28 days, in which you will learn the value of Gratitude and how to apply it in your daily life. It will change your whole outlook on life.

I hesitated at first. But thinking I deserved to spend an hour or less of my whole day just for me, I committed myself to this, and I will never regret it.

It is a practical book that works a lot on an emotional level. It will open your soul and reveal wounds of the past that you have closed in yourself or ignored and refused to solve.

This journey will free your soul from the past and make you appreciate, love, heal, and treat yourself as your best friend. Because you do not have to change someone, you start by changing yourself.

It will make you grateful for everything you have had and for everything you have now or will achieve.

If you release the energy of Forgiveness and apply the value of Gratitude, that will allow you to bring some magic into your life.

Those who do not believe in magic will never find it.
– Roald Dahl –


One book that made me understand what the Law of Attraction represents and how to apply it in my life was THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne.

It is a very complex book that reveals the secret of life, the secret of the most powerful tool that you own, and this is your Mind.

Reading this book helped me to turn every fear and every weakness into strength, health, happiness, and abundance.

It opened my eyes to see that I can have and accomplish whatever I want when I understand how the Law of Attraction works and how I can enjoy its power.

I understood that everything I drew was because of the image I created mentally. That is why I became more attentive to what I want. I had clarity in my visions and realized the real Power of my Mind. It works like a magnet, and everything that I generate on a mental level, I attract in my life.

I continued to stay stuck in a fight against life, seeing it as a burden and not an opportunity until I made the mental shift to switch from a disordered mind to a clear mind in the vision,

Thoughts become Things is a phrase that stays on my board, where I can see it daily. It helps me create and accomplish something new every day.

I stopped thinking about what I did not want and started to shape my thoughts healthy and focused on what I wanted.

The Law of Attraction gives you whatever you are thinking about.

What you are focusing on with your thoughts is reflecting and giving back. When you focus on your thoughts on something you want, the Power of Your Mind will attract from Univers what you ask for.

It looks simple, but it took me years to shift my mindset on controlling and using it to my benefit.

I have always said that our worst enemy is our minds. They will control us if we do not control them.

I highly recommend this book if you want a change in your life.

Not only to read it but also to apply its information in your daily life.

The whole life is in your hands. It does not matter what your past is, but if you want to change your life, choose carefully your thoughts.

Realize your power and learn to apply the skills to manage your Mind.

That will shape the world around you.

Decide what you want to be, do, and have. Think that the thoughts emit the frequency (have clarity of them in detail), and your vision will become your life.


Another pleasant book that reveals the Law of Love is THE POWER by Rhonda Byrne. It made me realize that I need to start the change from the inside of me to shape the life I desire.

To give love to others, I need to first show love to myself. Now, I see love as an essence, the power to have sound in my health, relationships, and work.

Life is simple. It Has positive and negative things.

Something is wrong if the negative things are more than the positive ones. This is because of your lack of love.

The positive power of love inspires you and changes the negative in your life. It makes you create and increase good things.

The universe gives you love when you give love to the universe.                         

Release the POWER that you hold within you, experience the MAGIC it brings to your life, and shape your WORLD.

Till next time…

Wishing You A Magic Life!

Diana O. Debreczeni

Founder of Dare & Be.


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