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How to Clean Up the Clutter from Your Life – Follow these 7 Steps

Even if it seems daunting, I will show you in this article how to clean up the clutter from your life with seven simple steps that will bring a massive change and make you feel better in no time.

clean up the clutter


A sign that you have let the chaos settle internally and externally is when you feel that you are in that moment of life when you are no longer in control of what is happening to you. You feel suffocated and pushed from one direction to another without a precise trajectory.

It may sound like a cliché. But if you want to be your most productive self, organized, with a clear vision and purpose, the best way is to simplify and live with less.

Simplify by getting rid of the junk from your life that weighs you down, distracts you from the things that matter, and robs all the joy and beauty from it.

Decide what kind of life you want. What things matter to you and bring fulfillment, and say NO to anything other than that.

Now is the time for a new approach to life… A tidy, more mindful, organized, and well-defined one!


How to clean up the clutter from your life


Every person has their baggage of the past. This is not always a bad thing to have because it gives perspective on certain aspects of life.

But some people are so stuck with the memory and wounds of their past that they cannot live in the present, move forward, and open up to create new experiences for a brighter future.

I know it is not easy to get rid of everything that has hurt you or made you angry or sad, to forgive someone who has done something wrong to you, or to pass over the regrets or mistakes you made in the past, but it is time to let go of them.

You cannot change your past, but you can accept it and move on to create new future perspectives.

Accepting your past is being honest with yourself about it. Blaming someone for what happened or making excuses for what you did will not help you overcome it. It will just keep it alive throughout the length of time.

Just be open-minded about what happened.

If you do not see it as something to be embarrassed about but rather as an opportunity for growth, you may be able to get over it and focus on the positive parts of your present.

Forgive yourself for past mistakes because those mistakes are what make you unique. Are part of your story and of who you are today.

Free up your mind, focus on the present moment, and take time out of each day to reflect on how far you have come in life and how long your path ahead is to continue to accomplish exceptional things.

And remember…

Your Future Needs You, but Your Past Doesn’t!


Learning to love yourself is one of the most vital tasks in life. It is an ongoing process, especially when society tells you to look, act in a certain way, or have specific attributes.

Self-love does not happen overnight. It requires patience and understanding to create this relationship with you as your best friend, not your worst enemy. But in the end, it is worth the effort.

When you love yourself, you feel good about who you are. You have more self-respect, better self-worth, and strong self-confidence that positively affects all aspects of your life.

You believe you deserve only the good things and never accept what is worth less than that.

The key is to start with self-acceptance. Acceptance of who you are and what your life has been up to, good or bad.

You do not need to be perfect to love yourself, to have a certain amount of money, weight, or anything else that society says.

Focus on your happiness and take good care of yourself. Offer yourself time to become the best version.

Love yourself unconditionally with all your likes and dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, or frustrations, no matter what others say or do.

Remember that no one is perfect or flawless, and this frees you from anger, judgment, resentment, and criticism.

If you want to improve your life and make it better than ever before, start by improving your relationship with yourself!

Accept That You Are Enough Already!

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How to clean up the clutter from your life, toxic relationship


Maybe you have, in your life, a manipulative family member, a partner who, instead of supporting you to move forward, keeps you in a place.

A friend who cannot stop complaining, a co-worker who makes you doubt yourself, or a pitiful neighbor who does not trust anything or anyone.

All these people are just bringing toxicity into your life, dragging you down, and stopping you from achieving progress without being aware of it.

Toxic people are not only harmful to your mental health. But they are also detrimental to your physical health.

They are known to be toxic because they have a way of making you feel worse.

They are hard to be around and always seem to have something negative to say about everything.

You must cleanse your life of toxic relationships before it is too late and start anew with people who bring you more positivity.

Take time to evaluate and identify who in your life is toxic and decide whether it deserves a place in it.

If you are like me, you can break any connection with this type of person. Sometimes, cutting people out of life is an act of self-care and may seem the only way to escape their toxic behavior.

But maybe, for you, to be sharp in a decision is difficult because you cannot get away from everyone without any possible means of contact.

But in this case, avoid playing into their reality and focus on cutting out gradually the toxic elements.

Do not Let Toxic People Rent Space in Your Life. Raise the Rent, and They Will Go Out On Their Own.

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Like emotional baggage, mental baggage plays a crucial role in your life, productivity, and achievement of goals.

When you feel that your mind is too crowded with thoughts, worries, and negative self-talk or that you are stuck between many choices, it is a clear sign that you need to do a drastic mental cleansing.

A crowded mind only shakes your life, gives you ambiguity in setting goals, drags you down, and distracts you from focusing on what is productive.

Sometimes, it is hard to stay on top of your thoughts. Not all of them have the same weight on your mind, so prioritize which ones you should pay attention to.

The mind tends to accommodate new worries and create negative self-talk. But, if you make an effort, you can change this behavior.

You can do this if you:

• Find and do activities that do not let you focus on the negative and make you happy or satisfied.

• Keep a thought diary to get all those negative ideas out of your head onto paper.

• Develop a Mindfulness practice. Be present at every moment of the day, and thus leave no room for your mind to create unnecessary and unreal scenarios.

When You Throw Out the Mental Clutter, You Also Clear Your Soul!

R.A.I.N. – Conquer the Battle of Negative Emotions

How to clean up the clutter from your life, tidy environment


As you may know, your outer environment controls the way you think, feel, and reflect on the kind of life you are living.

When you walk into your house and breathe freely without feeling stress or tension, you can say that’s the most great feeling to be home.

You can only have this feeling when you begin to organize your living and working environment because it also develops the basic skills needed for an organized life.

You send a clear message to your subconscious mind that you want to get organized when you clear away unnecessary clutter from your surroundings,

When you organize your environment, be clear about what you need.

• Identify the things that you do not use as much as others.

It does not make sense for you to hold onto them when other people could use them more than you. These are the items that can be easily given away or donated.

• Start by clearing the surfaces in your home. This may seem futile, but clearing clutter from surfaces can help create a more zen and serene environment.

It will allow the new things you bring into your home more space and presence.

• You will probably find that your desk is a mess, as is the first thing you see in the morning and the last before you go to bed at night.

A tidy desk is a clear mind,

Keep your working environment tidy and all the items in a specific place and order if you want to be more productive, a good time manager, and more coherent in creative ideas,

• Organize your house by category, function, or type. This will make it easier to find items you need without wasting precious time.

These are only a few hints and tips to get started with. But I am sure you got the idea.

The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment.
– Marie Kondo –


We all have habits that can lead to an organized, happy, successful life or a messy one. Habits can be a lifesaver or a bane, but the choice is ours to follow.

If you have good habits, you become healthier and more productive, with a clear vision of the life you want to have, without worrying that you will get distracted by other things.

On the other hand, it is not easy to move on and change your bad habits.

The thing to know about why it is so hard to quit a bad habit is that habits are not just physical actions but also mental behaviors.

When you engage in the same habitual behavior, your brain rewards you by releasing dopamine, a feel-good chemical.

If you want to break a bad habit, you must understand what drives your addiction and replace those feelings with other activities that provide an equally rewarding experience.

Identify the behaviors you want to change, and then ask yourself why you want to change them. What are the reasons?

Doing that will help motivate you and give you a clear idea of what exactly it is that you want to achieve.

Once you identify the recurring time wasters in your life, it will make it easier to find a solution to HOW.

• Create a plan.

• Establish the time frame for the changes.

• Set specific goals.

• Create small steps towards your goal each day or week.

We Are What We Repeatedly Do. Excellence Is Not An Act But a Habit.
– Aristotle –

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How to clean up the clutter from your life, decision-making -


Bad decisions lead to messy situations and consequences!

In a world where decisions are made daily to figure out the best approach can be daunting. Making decisions well is essential for advancing and achieving better results in life.

That is why it is essential to have a clear understanding of your priorities and values, as well as your goals and the rules you want to follow.

A successful decision-maker needs to be able to assess the different factors involved in a situation and then combine their knowledge, experience, and intuitive thinking to come up with the best option.

Structure your decisions in a way where one builds on the others and is not in opposition to the others.

Maybe you look back and find that the decisions made did not make sense or fit into any plan.

This is usually the case when you do the most common mistakes when making decisions:

• You rush into decisions. It is essential to think things through before you make any big moves.

• You avoid tough decisions. If you do not face up to difficult situations, they can get worse over time.

• You are afraid to change your mind. Decisions can be changed if necessary or if new information comes along that makes it clear the decision was wrong in the first place.

• You make a decision based on what feels good. Your gut feeling is not always the best indicator for making a decision. You need to be able to look at all the facts and weigh out the pros and cons before making a final one.

• You let excuses hold you back. There will always be reasons not to commit, but these should be considered potential.

• You make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen. Balanced emotions are crucial to intuitive decision-making.

• You are not confident in your decisions. So, you are looking for people to approve you. Update your decision-making skills to make decisions based on your perspective, experience, and knowledge, and not theirs.


Learn how to balance competing interests, the short-term and long-term considerations, and think strategically and creatively because it is a hallmark of all great decision-makers.

When you make a final decision, the Universe will conspire to make it happen!


When you cleanse your life from the traces of the past, your head, your heart, or your home, the spaces created to let in only the things that will enrich you, your life, and your family are incredible!

Till next time…

Be The Designer of Your Life Experience!

Diana O. Debreczeni

Founder of Dare & Be.

Dare and Be Founder
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22 thoughts on “How to Clean Up the Clutter from Your Life – Follow these 7 Steps”

  1. Thank you, Diana, for this wonderful article on how to clean up the clutter from your life! I love all the tips you provided in this blog post. Too many people have great big dreams and often become misconcepted on how to achieve them. They think they need to work harder and motivate themselves, but often, cleaning up the clutter from their lives is all they need. I’m a big fan of spending at least one day a week just clearing my head while tidying my workspace and home. It serves as a great reset to put me back on track.

  2. Knowing good habits make life better, and this blog talks about how they bring health, productivity, and a clear vision. Bad habits are tough to break because our brains like the rewards they give. Yes stopping bad habits — well, we really need to understand why we do them. But I agree that Instead of bad habits, do other stuff that feels good. Like cleaning up our space and mind helps us focus and feel better. Yeah great idea about mind maps and vision boards, this might  make life easier. But, it’s always easier said than done. So will have to take one step at a time getting all this cool ideas into our day to day living

  3. What a great piece of writing. It’s very helpful, especially for those who are stressed out and having anxiety.  I love the section where you talk about self-love.  “Accept that you are enough already” is the best line. I’d also like to add that loving one self, as you stated doesn’t happen overnight, moreover, I think if people begin to make a list of things they admire about themselves, they’ll begin to believe that they are loveable.

    I know my mind is full of clutter which is a reflection of my cluttered space in my home and in my office.  It’s something that I’ve been aware of for quite awhile now, and I’ve been working on it. Sometimes the biggest obstacle is myself.  I just feel overwhelmed and unmotivated to get rid of stuff. (I’m not a hoarder by any means, but I do have a lot of clutter)

    Your article has inspired me to get my S**t together and take action to clear that physical and mental clutter that has turned into chaos. I know it will make room for more positive things to enter into my life. 

    Thanks for writing this article.

    1. Nice to see you again, Jariel. I’m glad you enjoyed the article and gave you a little push to make a change. Probably the reason why it is difficult for you to give up things is that you get emotionally attached to them. It may be an idea. Or maybe really, you have so many things collected for too long that you don’t want to waste your time and energy to get rid of them.

      Just start section by section, day by day, and you won’t even realize when you’re one step away from finishing the entire cleaning.

  4. Hello Diana,

    What a beautiful article. We spend so much time in our heads it would serve us very well to make that space beautiful. And that starts with decluttering your mind.

    I loved all sections of your article but the one that spoke most to me is the section about cleaning the mess from your mind space. This is something that I really need to work on. I also loved your tips on how to achieve that. I really feel like I need to put some conscious effort into this. It feels that I don’t take anything as it comes into my life because there are so many thoughts racing to the surface trying to be noticed. And they are doing a very good job and being noticed as for the most time I get totally absorbed in the thoughts and sometimes even miss what is really happening. Kind of sad, when you really think about it.

    Thank you so much for your wonderful article and for reminding me what I need to focus on next.

  5. Reducing the clutter in my home and workspace has always lead to better focus and an improvement in my overall mood. As far as my head space, I have found it very helpful to use mind-mapping techniques and illustrations such as vision boards when trying to organize my thoughts. Clutter, whether it is physical or mental, subconsciously induces stress and chaos into our lives. Thank you for this much needed reminder to de-clutter and decompress!


    – Ian

    1. Hi Ian,

      Sometimes a little reminder can uplift your day, by bringing you back on the right path. So, glad to see you here, and thank you for your feedback. I hope you come back for new updates.

  6. I agree that we lose so much of our peace when we allow others that are toxic to manipulate us into making decisions that limit our self-growth. We need to identify what those characteristics are and how to combat them. 

    We also need to love ourselves unconditionally and without restraint. By cutting out the toxic people and situations in our life, we can start that process. Once, we get rid of the junk, our lives start to become more tranquil and positive. As you stated, it does not happen overnight but with concerted effort. This may take weeks, months or years but with continued persistence you can make it happen.


    1. Hi Jerry,

      I’m glad to see you here, and especially to know that you agree with the steps mentioned in my article, steps that are part of the process of cleaning up the mess in our lives.

      I hope you come back for new updates.

  7. First and foremost, this is an excellent piece of writing. Second, I have a lot of clutter in my life, and the stress and anxiety it has caused me over the years has definitely gotten to me. People must declutter their minds and lives in order to be happy. However, the main point is that decisions must be made. You stated that one should think clearly about decisions, but I’ve heard that the most successful people make decisions quickly. Do you agree or disagree with that? I believe it is critical to prioritize one’s happiness above all else, and everything else will fall into place. This is a very insightful article that everyone should read.

    1. Hi Kiersty,

      Thank you for your words of appreciation. I’m sorry to hear that stress and anxiety for you are the order of the day, and especially that they persist for a long time.

      You are aware of their existence and this is a good sign. Now all you have to do is work on them mentally and emotionally.

      I recommend daily meditation, even for just a few minutes to start. It will help you rediscover your essence and your inner peace, to be more present and less focused on things of the past or future that did not happen.

      If you are unfamiliar with meditation, I provide you a meditation guide for beginners. For a more in-depth understanding, you can find out what meditation means and how it can transform you.

      You can also try NLP techniques, hypnosis / self-hypnosis, or subliminal messages that bring changes directly into the subconscious.

      And to answer your question, successful people have indeed developed their decision-making skills in a short time because they are more pragmatic, and use a lot the thinking intuition, and not the emotional intuition as most people do.

  8. “Your Future Needs You, Your Past Doesn’t!” This is easily the best line in this incredibly motivating piece. Our inability to love ourselves always hinges on our past, things we’ve done or had done to us.  Our hesitancy to break from toxic people is also tied to the past, a time when the relationship served us well or we needed them in some way. It feels unloyal to break from them now.  I love the way you’ve laid out a plan to change the way we do and think about things. Thank you for posting!

    1. Hi Cynthia,

      Thank you very much for stopping by, and for your words of appreciation. I’m glad you enjoyed reading it, and I hope you’ll come back for more updates.

  9. Thank you so much for this. We must learn to love ourselves first before we can love others. It has taken me many years to accept my flaws and I use to beat myself up pretty badly in the past about it.

    And you are so right. Free yourself from clutter. It is the “things” that drag us down. After my first marriage broke down I got rid of most of my monetary possessions and never felt happier. It was like a weight had lifted from my shoulders. I could be “Me” again and not the “house” me or the latest “car” me.

    I got sick of people talking about their new kitchen, YAWN, or their new pool. Shallow, pardon the pun. I left and traveled and truly discovered myself. The good and bad, and have learned to love the good and accept the bad. 

    Wow, you got me going. Thanks for a great article. I will be looking out for more.


    1. Hi Stephen,

      To discover yourself, your true essence, is the greatest achievement of a human being.

      The moment you become aware of your flaws and strengths, you begin to accept yourself, appreciate, and love yourself more.

      You understand that true happiness comes from within and not from material things.

      I am glad that you have reached this level of consciousness, and I am sure that the path of your life has taken a positive turn on all levels.

  10. Great stuff! 

    It is very important to remove clutter from both your physical and mental spaces, but it isn’t always a simple task. 

    I have found that removing the toxic people from your life is the most difficult for me, simply because part of who I am is caring about people that are close to me. I admit I haven’t always made the best choices of who I kept as friends, and that has had costly effects on my life. How do you overcome the feeling of concern you have for people you have had to cut off for your own mental health?

    1. Hi Jerromy,

      I agree with you that most of the time, removing clutter from our lives is not an easy task. Especially when, as you mentioned, we need to get rid of people who are toxic to us.

      In general, toxic people are like that by nature, and they have no plans to change.

      My question is:

      Why would you want to have people around who bring you only negativity, do not support you in your plans for progress, and especially question your potential?

      Unfortunately, in some cases, even family members can be toxic. And here comes the paragraph in the article about decision making.

      Sometimes we have to make drastic decisions, in which intuitive thinking, not emotional one, weighs more.

      What do you prefer? To have the freedom to enjoy your true potential, and to live your life in the terms you want, or to remain under the umbrella of toxicity and limitations?

      The decision is only yours!

  11. Hi Diana, really enjoyed reading your article about How to clean up the clutter out of your life. I am one that struggles to be free of the past when it is needed and the clutter that comes along with bargain buys. I am going to take into account what you have mentioned to clear out the clutter. I will share your website with friends and family as they can benefit from this read as well. 

    1. Hi Jannette,

      If we were to make a self-analysis of the life we ​​lead, we would certainly find out that most of our present decisions and actions are conditioned by what happened in the past. A more or less painful past that unfortunately marks our present.

      I have learned from my own experience, and I am sure you will agree with me, that as long as you do not make peace with the past you cannot come to terms with the present and build for the future.

      Thanks for the appreciation, and I hope you’ll come back for more updates.

  12. I broke free from my old habits with the mindset of “I want to accomplish something”. If I don’t do it now, then when. I use apps like Relax Melodies as well, listening to their soothing tunes to help me relax and unwind. 

    Also whenever I feel down, or upset, I always try to think of the positives. Because things will get better, and you have to believe in yourself. 

    Great article, and Thank you for sharing.

    1. Hi Champ,

      Thank you for stopping by. You have approached a great mindset that can only set you up for success. The fact that you are aware that negative habits only limits your true potential has only strengthened your motivation to come back on the right path, whenever you deviate from it.

      I wish you a lot of perseverance to stay on the track with positive habits, and also to work step by step to remove all the clutter from your life. All the best!

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