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31 Personal Quotes of Life Lessons to Inspire You to Live Your Best Life

The 31 personal quotes of life lessons can be used as a reminder of what is essential in every person’s life. They are a great way to inspire, motivate, and make you think about life decisions. They can help you see things from a different perspective and realize that there is more than one way to live your life.


We all know that life is not about the destination but the journey itself. In this journey, we all go through different phases to experience things, meet new people, and learn lessons. All these shapes make us who we are today and design the person we might become tomorrow.

You embark on a life journey to understand who you are, your values, who you want to be, where you want to go, and what the world around you is like. Through self-reflection and introspection, you understand your thoughts and feelings in a different situation, you increase awareness of your behavior, and you can see what you need to improve to feel more fulfilled in your life.

My self-reflection on my life journey can provide in this article a compilation of 31 personal quotes that I hope will give you insight into understanding the true essence of life by reminding you of the things you should not forget and the things you should do more.


1. When we are born, the Universe gives us two choices: to live a life in which we serve a higher power or to live a life in which we serve ourselves. The decisions we make will define the person we will become. ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

2. In the cycle of life, everything must be done in its time. If you do it too soon, there are always consequences that you will pay for later. If you say you’ll do it later, often you never will. ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

3. A balanced life does not mean leading your existence in the middle point of two extremes: good or bad, poor or rich, easy or hard, happy or unhappy. A balanced life means going all cycle through the two extremes. So, be both Holly water and Hellfire and the flavor people taste depends on how they treat you and others. ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

4. Never follow a path shown or built for you by someone else. Be always the sole architect of the path you will set foot on. If not, with time, you will get lost somewhere along the way by ending up sabotaging yourself. ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

5. Living an ordinary life is more than enough. You can be extraordinary as a human being through your actions, your words, and the empathy you show toward others. Learn how to be Extraordinary in something Ordinary. ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

6. You already have more than half of the answers you are looking for when you’re honest with yourself, ~Diana O. Debreczeni~

7. No one can tell if you are a good or a bad parent. But the thousands of ways you can show this to your child every day will be your sentence in his eyes and heart. ~Diana O. Debreczeni~

8. Through life, we learn many lessons from life itself, from parents, acquaintances, or mentors. But don’t forget: your child also can give you the most valuable lessons. Just Listen to him and Observe him! ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

9. Never neglect yourself, whether you are a parent, a spouse, a boyfriend, or a girlfriend. You come first before everyone else. If you are good, they will be even better. If you are not, you can’t help them either. So, treat self-love and self-care as a form of understanding what true love means to be able to give it to someone else in its pure state. ~Diana O. Debreczeni~

10. The most painful lesson you can learn in life is that even your family can be your worst enemy. But even so, it’s good to keep the enemy close. ~Diana O. Debreczeni~

11. The strength of your muscles does not measure your strength, but by how hard life knocks you down, you keep getting back up and moving forward. ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

12. Asking for help in the most difficult time is not a sign of weakness. But it is a sign of stupidity if you don’t do it because of your ego. ~Diana O. Debreczeni~

13. Always keep your private life like this: PRIVATE! ~Diana O. Debreczeni~

14. No one is absolved from lying. A lie can bring you down or lift you. Be wise if you use it, when you use it, how you use it, and who you use it with! ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

15. We all have our little insanities, and that’s okay because in this confusing world, to keep your sanity, you have to know the insanity first. ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

16. Don’t give anybody your fear as a gift because it feeds the other’s power and dominance. If you don’t let your fear be your factor, you’ll find that strong person within your person. ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

17. If you want to be a good adviser, then be the first to follow your advice. ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

18. You will breathe freely only when you eliminate the negative things and people in your life. ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

19. You will get stuck in a loop when you repeat the same mistakes without learning the lessons. ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

20. After ten years, you are still doing the same job? You should ask yourself why. Do you do it out of passion or because you feel safe in your comfort zone? ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

21. Don’t work your “ass off” and sacrifice your life and family to enrich your boss. You will realize he will be the same boss but richer. Instead, you are the same contracted employee. Do your best to become your boss and change your life the other way around. ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

22. Success follows self-discipline, knowledge, skills, and experience. You do your best to have them as your asset because they are the only legacy that will follow you wherever you go. ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

23. Don’t sell yourself short. Know your worth and be only where you are valued. Never accept anything less than that! ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

24. The reality you experience is the sum of the consequences of your thoughts, decisions, and actions. Your beliefs define your standards in life. When your reality does not conform to your standards, weigh what needs to be changed. ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

25. True vision is when your mind thinks something is just a fantasy, but you are stubborn enough to see it and make it a reality. ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

26. Life is much more than winning or losing something. When something gives vibes to your heart, don’t ask yourself what it is or why it’s happening. Live and enjoy it to the fullest because that vibration means life itself. ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

27. Decisions are the hardest to make, especially between where you should be and want to be. Always try to make an educated decision, with the long-term in mind, that is based on a balance between deliberate and instinctive thinking. ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

28. When you are the Captain of your ship and the Master of your faith, it is easy to turn ideas into profitable adventures. ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

29. If you don’t bet big for yourself, don’t expect anyone else to do it! ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

30. With each act of Generosity and Gratitude, you fill a void in your Universe. ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

31. To win life, you need to understand its real game and how to apply your own rules to win every small battle! ~ Diana O. Debreczeni~

quotes of life lessons

• We are born. – Ready to start our journey.

• We go around. – The passage of years, experiences, and lessons learned.

• The cart goes up and down. – Life’s successes and obstacles.

• After a complete cycle, we return to where we started and get off. – Our end.

We get only one ride in life, so we better make it count!


I hope you enjoyed reading my quotes.

Which one is your favorite?

Which of them do you identify with?

Tell us in a comment below, and if you have a personal quote of your life lessons, don’t hesitate to share it. It could be a good reminder or an eye-opening lesson for all.

Till next time…

Understand life backward and live it forward!

Diana O. Debreczeni

Founder of Dare and Be.

Dare and Be Founder
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11 thoughts on “31 Personal Quotes of Life Lessons to Inspire You to Live Your Best Life”

  1. Quotes no matter how short can do a lot to impact a person’s life in fact I read a story of a man who said that he became successful in business through being inspired by zig ziglar’s quote. ” you can have whatever you want if you give enough people what they want”. I believe there are so many more success stories that are built upon quotes.

    1. Hi Norman,

      Indeed, there’s a story or an personal experience behind each quote, which is meant to convey a specific message to the reader, to inspire, to bring a new perspective, a reminder, or even the essence of a lesson. Thank you for stopping by and sharing the great quote by Zig Ziglar.

      My favorite quote from Robert Ingersoll supports Ziglar’s message: ” We rise by lifting others!”

  2. Hi Diana,

    Thank you very much for this inspiring, and thought-provoking read. Several of your own quotes speak to me, with no. 5, no. 25, and no 30 being my favorites. Keep doing the good work. I will definitely share this article, and come back for more updates.

  3. Thank you for this inspirational post! I really enjoyed reading the quotes, and the one that got me the most was: No one can tell you that you are a good or a bad parent. But the thousands of ways you can show this to your child every day will be your sentence in his eyes and heart. I love this quote because I try to live by it every day by being a better parent to my kids than mine were to me.

    1. I understand you very well, Jessie.  For me it is the closest quote to my heart. I created this quote based on the period when I was working as an employee, and the time I spent with my son was becoming less and less. Although I knew there was no way I could bring back those lost moments, I did my best so that my son would always feel loved, appreciated, cherished, listened to, understood, and supported. Surely you do the same for your children.

  4. What an inspirational and thought provoking read. There are several of your personal quotes that resonates with me, with no 13 and no 18 being my favourite. Negative things and people can drag you down, so get rid of negativity in your life, including your own negative thoughts. 

    At the end of the day, we only get one life, so make the most of every day. One thought I would like to share is why worry about things that you do not have control over. One cannot move forward by looking in the rearview mirror. So if you made mistakes in the past, learn from them, and move forward. 

  5. Hey Diana,

    Thank you so much for sharing 31 PERSONAL QUOTES OF LIFE LESSONS!

    One of my favorite quotes from one of my mentors is, “The cave you fear to enter, holds the treasure that you seek!”

    I also love number 23. “Don’t sell yourself short. Know your worth and be only where you are valued. Never accept anything less than that!”

    I live by this!

    1. Hi Lorenz,

      Thank you for stopping by. I’m glad my personal quotes resonate with you. The truth is that when I created these quotes, I went through different phases, considering that they are based on episodes from my personal life.

      Your favorite quote from my article is perfectly complemented by quote No 29: If you don’t bet big for yourself, don’t expect anyone else to do it!
      This was for me a lesson that I learned in a harsh way.

      That’s why I became eager for knowledge, and to upgrade it through experience, to acquire skills and to use them to be able to back up any challenge.

      All this helped me bring self-worth and self-value to their peak level. That is why I always can bet big for myself!

      Thanks also for the quote by Joseph Campbell, which is another great lesson of life.

  6. Inspiring words. Here is my favorite, number 27. I tend to struggle with being compulsive and I am 53! Still learning to make deliberate and purposeful decisions. That is all well and good when it comes to big stuff. It is easier to make good decisions when you looking at a big one. Here is where I struggle to think long term…my mouth!

    I wanted to share one of my favorites, “When we are born we look like our parents. When we die we look like our choices.”

    1. Thank you for your input. Most of our decisions are made based on emotions. That’s why we wake up after a decision made, that the result is not exactly the expected one, or the most suitable one.

      Anyway, your quote from Jazz Zo Marcellus, if I’m not mistaken, is a really good life lesson that just points out that the decisions we make will determine how we pass through, and how we end our journey through life.

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