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The Art Of Personal Transformation – Meditation Is The Key!

The art of personal transformation has nothing to do with external factors, but it starts from within you. It is an inner journey through which you explore aspects of yourself and through which your values, perceptions, desires, and whole essence become different. It means your rebirth!

personal transformation

Compared to the world of the past, which was much more static and straightforward, the new modern world is more alert, complicated, and continuously changing. With each change, people change as well, becoming more neurotic in their struggle to adapt to the standards of the outer world. In their battle of living, they are moving further and further away from the center of their essence.


It is a beautiful and representative story of being Lost and Found.

Watch the video until the end!

The minds of modern people are so full of new information, stress, daily routines, shapes of the past, or future uncertainties that there are no more free spaces or room for those breaks to keep their mental health balanced. Only if they deliberately create them.


Any changes you make to your behavior are strictly related to the outer world, but your essence remains the same. Nowadays, reconnection and incursion to your inner world are more necessary than ever. This journey can only be accomplished through MEDITATION, which creates those breaks from the outer world and all that it entails.

Meditation is the way to deviate your attention from the mind to silence, and that silence is the bridge that connects you with your inner self. It is just you in your loneliness and fullness.

Listening to that silence, you discover peace and wisdom and return to the outer world, but you are different. You are more centered in harmony and physically, mentally, and spiritually balanced.

Within at least one hour a day, man must stand apart and nothing reaches him: no memory, no thought, and no fantasy. This will rejuvenate him, refresh him, and he will be able to release the source of energy inside him. He will make his return to the world with a greater capacity for learning, more youthful, more refreshing, and with more respect for himself.
– Osho –

The transition from the outer world to the inner world and returning to the external world are the most beautiful experiences that a person can have. Perceive meditation as a diversion, and just let it surprise you.


Over time, people have given different definitions of meditation, what it entails, and what expectations they think they should have. Many understand meditation as dull or too severe, depressing, useless, empty, and complete darkness.

But they do not know that their transition through the different states they experience means their journey to the true light of self-knowledge.

Is meditation a technique?

Does meditation have a purpose?

Does meditation lead in a specific direction?

Can meditation be obtained with the help of the mind?

These are just some confusions that arise regarding meditation. Well, meditation does not frame any of them. It has no direction, purpose, or technique, and in no case is it obtained with the help of the mind.

Although you can achieve anything you set out to do with the power of the mind, meditation is an exception. Why? Because it goes beyond mind, time, and space. It owns these. So, where the mind ends, meditation begins.

In this article, I will provide a different definition of meditation to understand better how the connection with your inner self is the path to your transformation.




Meditation is not something you have to get because it has nothing to do with your actions. You have continuously owned it, that natural state of yours in your solitude, in which you feel good about yourself and value your inner existence.

Your simple existence creates joy and delight without doing anything, without thoughts and emotions. Existential baggage (negative thoughts, emotions, sensations, daily stress, repressed disappointments, fears) weighs so heavily that you lose connection with your inner self.

But don’t forget! Through meditation, you can always return home, your inner home, where you can rediscover new aspects of your being that you did not allow yourself to activate before but which you know you can start whenever you give yourself that break from the outer world.


For everything you do, the important thing is not that you do it but what you do and how you do it. You can live your life automatically, like a robot, because any action you take without consciousness is mechanical.

Or, you can live your life with full consciousness in every moment of it, truly being present in what you do and how you do it.

When you meditate and do not feel any activity inside or outside of you, you open yourself to states of consciousness, and you start to be aware of what you are doing and what is happening to you. The more conscious you are, the slower your mind becomes, and the real magic begins.

So, live every moment with consciousness to be more efficient, to feel more alive, and to become happier!


We are born meditators, but then we learn the ways of the mind.
– Osho –

You were born with this natural space of silence, but you forget about it in this chaos called the outer world because you are so busy with many activities. But you can find and recover it; you have to look into the depths of yourself. Your mind involves words, but your self only applies silence, one of life’s greatest pleasures.

Once your thoughts, breath, processes, and physiological functions slow down and gradually disappear, your capacity for awareness develops so that you discover the fullness, peace, and silence rooted in yourself.

We are masters of our silence ansd slaves of our words.

Although silence is a non-action, considered the most straightforward art, I know it is difficult for you to remain silent. This is because the action of doing something all the time has become like an addiction for you, for all of us, and like any addiction, it takes patience, will, and time to get over it. You have your rhythm. Just allow yourself to be patient.



By meditating, you separate yourself from any action of the mind and become your witness. You enter a state of consciousness where you only observe your body and what your mind is doing without judging, analyzing, or repressing them.

You observe yourself as you are, as if you were looking in the mirror. While you meditate, nothing special has to happen, so give up any expectations you have about meditation. Just observe, accept, and return to the object of your attention (breath, mantra, diagram).

The more you observe, the more you understand what it means to think and what it means to be an observer.


The activity creates a state of agitation, ambiguity, and uncertainty, so you cannot connect with your true self. But the moment you give up the activity during the day and meditate, you take that break, and total relaxation is installed, with no worries, negative feelings, or fears.

Through meditation, all physical, mental, and emotional activity is held. It is a state of deep relaxation of the body, but inside, you remain alert. It is like you are asleep but still awake, and in that deep relaxation, you feel free, think only about your reality, and face yourself, which leads you closer to self-knowledge. And then…transformation begins.

personal transformation


Meditation involves introspection, an incursion into your center and your origin, which helps you unify your existence and purify it. It transforms something in you. The little things in life have a new meaning for you; you begin to love life and enjoy it in a way you have been unable to.

Meditation transforms you: it awakens the silent witness in you, gives you more self-confidence, makes you aware of the power of your mind, and gives you the wisdom to know how to use it; it makes you more forgiving and patient with yourself and those around you.

If the mind gives you the desire to escape from life, Meditation makes you escape through life.

Those who already practice meditation are experiencing this transformation of inner silence and peace, healing, balance, and fulfillment.


The tens of thousands of thoughts that go through your mind daily create a tsunami of confusion and ambiguity. When you meditate, your thoughts disappear, and your mind no longer feels like a blanket of fog. Then, you can focus only on yourself, and absolute clarity of vision occurs. A clarity of something you have never been aware of.

Imagine a broad and deep ocean. On its surface, the waves are fast; they hit hard from all sides, they are swirling, and the visibility is reduced. The deeper you dive into its depths, the softer the waves begin to subside and disappear. Everywhere, there is calm, silence, and complete darkness. But after a while, the visibility slowly makes its presence felt. The longer you stay, the more straightforward things can be seen.

The same thing happens to you. When you want to free yourself from the swirling waves of the existence of the outer world, immerse yourself in the depths of your inner self, and you will see everything more clearly and with a new meaning.


personal transformation

Life is always fascinating due to the constant creativity of the soul. – Deepak Chopra –

Each of us is born creative. You are creative, but the lifestyle routine has created a blockage, a favorable environment for your mind to have a lot of control over you. But through meditation, you calm the mind, and the consciousness is open. When you get out of the routine and start doing different things every day, but with full consciousness, you will notice how that blockage begins to disappear, and the mind loses its dominance over you. In this way, it will leave room for freedom and creativity and less for limitations and control.


Nowadays, people are so tired mentally that they start losing their intelligence. The mind is a mechanism used daily, non-stop, and people do not know how to stop it anymore.

You can give the mind that moment of rest through meditation, making it much easier and more efficient to use in your favor. With each daily rest, your mind rejuvenates and becomes more efficient, intelligent, and capable. You can turn your mind into the most powerful and essential asset when and how you want.


The truth is in you. Don’t look else there. – Osho –

Meditation opens the way to your soul; through this opening, different aspects of your being come to light. It is where you have to face things in their darkness, so sometimes it can be scary.

You discover truths you may not have been aware of or may have just repressed. You open some deep wounds of the past and explore your true essence.

Who am I?

Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

What makes me happy?

If you also ask yourself one or maybe the four existential questions above, don’t forget that you will discover the proper answer only in-depth within yourself.

Embrace meditation to transform yourself, let your true self shine, and nourish your mind, body, and soul.


Meditation opens up new dimensions of consciousness, helps you observe problems from another perspective, and gives you the wisdom to find the best solutions.

It transforms your personality, actions, and beliefs and opens you to opportunities because you see everything with fresh eyes and a new heart.

The power of meditation does not consist in what you experience while meditating, but in what you live in every moment after it is over!

personal transformation

Unfortunately, some still consider the inner world fantasy and see only the outer world as the real one. But things are just the opposite!

Your inner world is real. The outer world is just an illusion. Please don’t get lost in the external world. Return home to your inner self and listen to its silence. When you are home, the whole outer world disappears!

Till next time…

Bring Your Soul Home!

Diana O. Debreczeni

Founder of Dare & Be

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14 thoughts on “The Art Of Personal Transformation – Meditation Is The Key!”

  1.  To be completely honest with you, I actually found this article really helpful. I’ve never tried meditation out before, but I’ve been searching for ways to make me more relax. Not only can meditation do that for me, but apparently it can help me be more creative? In my line of work, creativity is a huge part of success, and I’m not too creative myself. I’ll definitely have to give it a try. 

    1. Hi Jon, 

      Indeed, a constant practice of meditation helps you find your source of creativity. You can’t say you’re not creative. You were born creative, and you can’t lose it. You just forgot about it, you buried it somewhere very deep (caught in the routine, tired and restless mind), and you didn’t give it a chance to shine (trying always new things, a quiet mind).

      The mind engages, talks, does not stop. When you quiet your mind, you can actually listen and see. I recommend you to start with the practice of meditation, and I would like you to tell me about your experience.

  2. Wow. What a transformative read this has been for me. I have to say that your article really offers a new perspective on what defines meditation. I found it interesting how much power meditation can have on the mind, body, and soul. Indeed it is something to consider. At least I know I will. You writing reflects the passion you have for your profession. I really appreciate this article and everything you’ve provided for us. 

    1. Hi Misael,

      Thank you for stopping by. I appreciate your kind words. What makes me very happy is the fact that you are considering the idea of ​​meditating. Believe me, once you feel your transformation as a person, and implicitly of your lifestyle, you will want to meditate as much as possible. Just come back, and tell me what your experience was like.

      Also, you can contact me at any time for questions, at the email address or simply fill in the form in Contact Us, and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

  3. What a beautiful article you have written here! thank you so much for sharing it. 

    I took my time to interestingly read and finish all your article long, word by word. I truly agree with you! In today’s busy lives, meditation is the key to our healthy mind as well as body. It helps with our accuracy, analysis and clarity. It also helps remaining happy in the inside. It is a feeling that no one in the world can steel from you! Self confidence, ahh what a beautiful attitude! I am amazed how deeply meditation is connected with our self confidence.

    I was once surrounded with people who would do so much of negative talks behind people’s back. I never participated in any of those conversations. I was always calm in my corner and did not like them for their attitude. So they always would do things in their own group and do not ask me. Me too, I never go after them. Instead my solitude and self reflection leaded to much more advantages about my own inner self, rather than wasting my time in participating in any of those useless conversations about other people.

    I wish you all the best!  

    1. Hello Meena,

      I’m glad you enjoyed reading the article. Thank you very much for your appreciation, and for sharing your opinion and experience with us.

      Indeed, through the practice of meditation you unlock your inner power, and this force strengthens your attitude. You become more confident in your abilities, in the decisions you make, and in the actions you take.

      It is strictly up to us, in whose company we spend our time, and in the conversations and actions in which we engage. You know the saying: better alone than in bad company.

      So, I am glad that you perceive the idea of ​​solitude not as an antisocial action, but as self-discovery and self-improvement.

      I wish all the best for you!

      Kind Regards.

  4. This is a very needed topic with everything that is going on in the world today. Meditating is a way to inner peace and understanding. I confess I have tried to meditate a few times but my mind often wanders off in thought. I guess I just need to practice doing it more often. With this easy to understand  guide I will have no excuse. The post has been saved for future use.

    1. Hi Lisa,

      I’m glad to see you here. Meditation in my opinion should become a lifestyle for each of us. The world would really be better, and people more happier.

      As for your meditation practice, don’t worry. All experiences during practice (thoughts, sounds, sensations, sleep) are part of meditation. If you have them, it does not mean that you do not meditate, as many people believe.

      It’s just that the mind-body needs to get used to the state of peace in which you want to induce it. Just be patient, and continue the practice of meditation, and you will see how all these experiences will be the best confirmation of your transformation.

  5. An interesting article, however I do not support mindless meditation. If you are meditating  your focus should be on some inspirational thought, scripture verse  or divine revelation. Meditation does help someone to relax and be silent and to gain  clarity on certain issues. However, it is my opinion that you can relax without meditation, just for the purpose of relaxation. The truth is in you , yes, because truth is a person in the form of God, The Lord Jesus Christ .We were all chosen  in him before the foundation of this world according to the book of Ephesians 1:4. Therefore it is my opinion that my identity and purpose  and personal assignment are best revealed in a conscious and personal relationship with the truth himself. Yielding to this realization or consciousness is what brings about  inner transformation. 

    1. Hi Melony,

      Thank you for stopping by, and for your input. Any opinion here is welcomed and appreciated. As I notice, you are a very religious person, so I can understand your point of view.

      Just as there are different religious in the world, so there are many types of Meditation. Without entering into the debate on this subject, the type of meditation you are referring to is Christian Meditation, which is more moral purification and deeper understanding of the Bible, to get closer with God. It involves prayers, readings, to focus the mind, soul and heart on the presence of God.

      I want to point out that to meditate you DO NOT have to be religious. For example, I am a believer, I believe in God, but I am not religious. I consider that my direct connection with God is sufficient, and that I do not need external “tools” (church, priest, icons, etc.), to concrete my relation with Him.

      I consider the same in Meditation. The connection with my inner Self is all I need in the journey to personal transformation. That is why each person must find the style of meditation that best suits their own beliefs.

  6. What a fantastic article!!!! I have been looking for some solid information on meditation.

    With everything that has been going on in the world and the hardships we endure on a daily bases, this information is very important because it gives us a new perspective on looking at life, helping to relieve stress, and having a balanced mental health.

    The information you have provided is easy to understand and follow. I will really consider starting to meditate, to help me cope with the current situation and especially to help me in my personal transformation. Thank you for sharing.

    Best Regards,

    1. Hi Jordan,

      Thank you for your time reading the article, and especially for your appreciation. I’m glad my article gave you that impulse to meditate. That means my work is not in vain. For any other information you need, you can contact me at

      Also, you are more than welcome to come back for new updates.

      Kind Regards,


  7. Hello there! This is a very interesting article. It is sometimes easy to be distracted with just what is only in front of us (the external world). But sometimes, the culprit is actually occurring from within. When the inner self is not taken care of, it will significantly affect even the external environment around us. Probably a clear sign that there is already a problem occurring from within. Thank you for providing a detailed explanation of what meditation is.

    1. Hello Mike,

      Thank you for your appreciation and  input. Indeed, everything we experience inside us, we project into the outer world. If our self is full of negativity, hatred, disappointment, fear, this will be our actions, and will directly influence our personal development and interpersonal relationships. 

      The moment we meditate, our positive transformation takes place, which will be reflected in our habits, our actions, and implicitly in our relationships with those around us.

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