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At Home Yoga Workout – YogaDownload Review

The messy lifestyle we have prevents us from paying attention to our general health, both physical, mental and spiritual. We are constantly against the clock, we live in a very high level of social stress, we deal with addictions, diet and weight loss, and we simply forget to connect with ourselves, to relax, and enjoy life.

One of the complex discipline that assign us these health benefits, and self-connection, is Yoga. I think you are already familiar with the term “yoga”, what it implies, and the benefits of this discipline. Maybe you even want to implement it in your lifestyle, but most of the time, the financial situation, the availability of time, personal comfort, make you give up going to the studio. If you cannot afford a private instructor, the only solution is to opt for an online platform.

Due to today’s digital progress, YogaDownload provides the most convenient online Yoga studio, to suit your individual needs, to develop a consistent yoga practice right in the comfort of your home, or wherever you are.



It is a popular online Yoga platform, with more than 250k members, which provides the most affordable library of online exclusive classes from internationally acclaimed yoga teachers.

Since 2006, YogaDownload offers the possibility to personalize your practice, offering a wide range of yoga styles, programs and packages with classes specially created for different levels of experience and different ages.



The answer is for You:

  • if you have limited budget and time;
  • if you are pregnant or recent mother;
  • if you are adult, child, or even senior;
  • if you have skills level as a Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced;
  • if you perform as a Runner or Athlete.




Practicing yoga with YogaDownload, you have certain advantages: flexibility of time, it helps you save money due to low prices, you can do the classes at your own pace, you can customize your experience, and especially, offers you the comfort of practicing relaxed in a familiar environment, or even you are traveling.



The MEMBERSHIP comes with free downloadable videos for offline use, designed for a specific purpose, and all levels, with advanced filtering. You can choose classes by style, level intensity, instructor, length, and focus range to personalize your practice. You can save your classes, add to your favorites for easy access, or in the calendar and create your notes. You have also available, Free Trial Classes.




12 categories with more than 40 Programs to choose from, which contains classes carefully selected by their world’s top certified teachers. I will share with you just a few categories and targeted Programs and Packages:

  •  Prenatal and Postnatal (Yoga for new moms, Power Yoga for pregnancy);
  • Beginner Yoga (Yoga 101, Beginner Power Yoga);
  • Wellness and Therapy (Yoga for Chronic Pain Relief, Heal your Back Pain, Better Sleep, Yoga for Trauma, Grief, and Illness);
  •  Challenges (Yoga for busy people, 2 weeks Bootcamp);
  •  Relax and Restore (Yoga Nidra for better sleep, Relaxing, Restorative Yoga at home, Yin Yoga Program);
  •  Fitness and Strength (Yoga for Weight Loss, 5 Day Pilates Yoga Fusion Intensive);
  • Detox and Cleanse (Yoga to Detox, Cleansing & Vitality);
  • Yoga For (Seniors and Everyday Wellness, Runners and Athletes, Travel Program, Desk Jockey, Men Program).

Before choosing any program, or any class, you can read the reviews, and you can watch as well, the preview video to see if it is suitable for you. As you well know, for each product, opinions differ from person to person.




YogaDownload offers a wide range of yoga styles. As a Certified Yoga Instructor, I am specialized in Hatha Yoga. What I like about this platform is that I can practice others styles of yoga, that I am passionate about, without necessarily being an instructor, or going to a studio.

I will list some yoga styles encountered on the platform, to give you an idea of which of them would be more suitable for you:

  • Hatha Yoga: Is the base of yoga, represented by Asanas known as poses, and Pranayama known as Breathing Techniques.
  • Iyengar Yoga: Whose focus is on detail, precision, and alignment.
  • Vinyasa Yoga: Known as Flow Yoga, aligns movements with Breath.
  • Power Yoga: It is a vigorous approach of Vinyasa Yoga, with more dynamic and intense movement.
  • Ashtanga Yoga: It is represented by a series of set posses that are done repeatedly.
  • Hot Yoga: The detail of this style is that the poses are made in a heated environment.
  • Yin Yoga: It is specific in slow poses, in which you can disengage the muscles.

Kid’s Yoga: Enjoy your time with your kiddos in funny classes, and create memorable moments. For kids from kindergarten age to up. If you have a baby from 4 weeks old up, follow the program with some baby cuddlin, strengthen for you, and relax for both.




If this discipline is completely unknown to you, YogaDownload provides you, as a member, printable Pose Guides, divided into categories, to get familiar with, and comfortable practicing them. So you can create your own book with a step-by-step description of the postures, benefits, contraindications, and changes that can be made to them. Each posture is accompanied by an explained video. I think it is a great idea. You can also access these poses as a free member, but they cannot be downloadable.



To make yoga, relaxation and Wellness practice even more enjoyable, you can accompany it with a variety of music from a thousand of albums and tracks. You have everything at your disposal for a satisfactory practice.



To be easier and handy to use, you can download their app, from where you can access over 1600 yoga, meditation, fitness and Pilates classes, over 40 Programs made for different purposes, with downloadable classes for offline use. Available in both Apple and Android Stores, it is easy to browse on any device: laptop, tablet, mobile phone, and ROKU TV. It is very practical, especially when you are traveling and do not have too much time.



If you want to make a lovely surprise to a friend, family member, or coleague, for Birthday, special ocasions, or you just want to show how grateful you are for them being in your life, YogaDownload allows personalizing a Gift Certificate. All you need to do is:

  • to choose a design from the templates;
  • to select what do you want to offer as a Gift (cash amount, a program, or a YogaDownload subscription);
  • fill up the recipient’s and sender’s names which will appear on the Gift Certificate;
  • write a personal message;
  • choose how you want to be sent (email or print it instantly), preview the Certificate, and add it to your cart;

Fast and easy you can bring a smile on the face of a loved one. Create your  👉 GIFT CERTIFICATE.👈



Yoga Download it is Indeed the most complex online platform, and for all pockets, having a lower price than a class at most studios. You can choose which form of payment is more affordable for your pocket: Standard or Unlimited Monthly payment, Unlimited 3 Months, 6 Months, or Yearly payment. An offer very hard to refuse.


  • the classes can be done from the comfort of your home;
  •  the advantage to download the App, and to enjoy your practice even if you are on trip;
  •  time flexibility;
  •  budget friendly, cheaper than studio classes;
  • very easy to use and follow;
  •  customized practice;
  • can be used on any device;
  •  downloadable classes;
  •  a variety of yoga styles, Programs & Packages, music, fitness and Pilates;
  •  tailored for all skill levels and ages.



No socialization and interaction with instructors or community members.

If you like socializing during practice, then the online platform is not for you. Just  if you will invite a friend to do the practice together.


Do I put THE THUMB UP for YogaDownload? The answer is YES. I highly recommend it, not only for the diversity of programs and styles but as well for the fact that it covers several disciplines.

Do not think too much. Your online Yoga, Pilates & Fitness experience is just a click away.


If you are already a member of YogaDownload, an ex member, or have just signed up, feel free to share your experience, and leave us a review in the comment below, to be an extra of information for all our readers. Your opinion matters!


Till next time…

Learn The “Dance” Between

Control & Surrender!

~ Diana D. ~

Founder of







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14 thoughts on “At Home Yoga Workout – YogaDownload Review”

  1. hello Diana.

    quite a resourceful post you’ve got here on’ at-home yoga workout’  I must say that I really find your post very resourceful giving these tips on how to have a successful yoga workout from the comfort of your home.. I’ve not really been  a yoga person but I look forward to trying it out someday.

    thanks for sharingand have a great day

    1. Hi Evansese,
      It is good to see you here. Thank you for stopping by. You should give it a try, and let me know how it works for you.

  2. Nice review on yoga . Yoga is something that improves our lives both physically spiritually and mentally. The yogadownload is also a nice platform,  funny how today is the first time i am hearing of it and it has been out since 2006 and having over 250k members wow. I will share this to my girlfriend and female friends.

  3. Sounds very interesting! I tend to get very stressed and overwhelmed at times so this is bound to help me. I have a runner in the family so I’ll be sure to recommend this to her too. I’m definitely going to check this out, as I was planning on making yoga something I’m going to do in the morning daily. Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Kaitlin,

      Thank you for stopping by. If you feel stressed and overhelmed I can tell you for sure that starting with the Programs on the platform, you will overcome this state. Give it a try and let me know about your experience. Please check the links below.

      Therapeutic Yoga for stress:

      Yin Yoga for stress relief:

  4. Hi

    I am well pleased with the great job you have done here reviewing At Home Yoga Workout – YogaDownload Review. There are millions of people out there searching for alternative means to overcome anxiety and depression, especially during this Pandemic.

    You are going to save so many lives through your review, especially by reviewing whom the YogaDownload is meant for, which includes:-

    if you have limited budget and time;

    if you are a pregnant or recent mother;

    if you are adult, child, or even senior;

    if you have skills level as a Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced;

    if you perform as a Runner or Athlete.

    Thank you for taking the time for the At Home Yoga Workout – YogaDownload Review.

    1. Hi Adam,

      Pleasure to see you here. Thank you for your time in reading the article. As you may have noticed, YogaDownload is tailored for all pockets, for all ages, from the youngest to the elderly, and for all levels of experience. It has everything for everyone under the same roof.

  5. The importance of Yoga cannot be emphasized enough. This is because it has played a huge role in helping our physical, mental and spiritual health. I have seen Yoga improve the quality of life of many people, mine included. Well, it is expensive to get a personal instructor but I am so grateful for technology. We can learn absolutely anything and take many courses online and from the comfort of our homes and we’d guaranteed of achieving similar results as if we had personal coaches. This is very advantageous and easy to afford too. YogaDownload has really impressed me with the services offered plus the community is large too. This gives me a feeling that I am not alone in this journey into good health in all aspects of my life. They have nice packages we can choose from at affordable rates. Dear Diana, this review is insightful, thank you.

    1. Hi Thus,

      I am glad you took from the article exactly the essence of what YogaDownload represents, and the benefits it offers. Thank you for stopping by, and for your appreciation.

  6. Very timely article for our family. Our teens have been wanting to join a fitness gym but with the lack of time (we live 30 minutes from any gym–ahhh, country life!) and now COVID19, it is just not happening right now. 

    I really enjoyed reading about the difference in styles and types. I had no idea there were so many! Is one of the styles a better fit for teens?

    They do karate online over zoom since the coronavirus closed their studio, so maybe online yoga is also a good choice for now. Would the prices listed include family members as one price? Or would they need separate accounts?

    1. Hi Diane,

      Thank you for stopping by. For teens, I always recommend starting with Hatha Yoga for Beginners. But as you tell me they are used to the practice of marțial arts, then I recommend for them a more active, dynamic and challenging Yoga styles, as Ashtanga Yoga or Power Yoga.

      In terms of prices, YogaDownload does not have a special Price per family, but what you can do is open the application with the same MEMBERSHIP on two devices simultaneously.

  7. Hi, Diana. Your website is very beautiful with the moving part on your header picture. I have already fallen in lov e with yoga since I know the many benefits of doing yoga. This review post is so tempting, especially because of the economic cost and the flexible time. Thank you for your inspirative life story. I saved your website link for further reference.

    1. Hi Melani,

      Thank you for your time in reading the article and exploring my website. I appreciate your kind words. YogaDownload platform it really offers a lot of advantages. In addition to economic prices and time flexibility, it offers a variety of disciplines and programs designed for all ages and all levels of experience. 

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