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Why Does Money Seem To Be Flying Away From You – 9 Reasons Why You Are Struggling Financially

Nowadays, the biggest frustration of people is the worry and the problems related to money. Most of them feel like they never have money, considering there is a lack of opportunities to get ahead financially.

That is why they live a linear, unfulfilled, and overworked life, in constant stress, stuck in a system that exploits them to the fullest instead of helping them reach a high level of potential.


This is the general feeling of people with a routine life who live from paycheck to paycheck and can barely afford the monthly expenses.

They go to a job they hate, sell their time by the hour, and sacrifice their time with family for a modest income while employers’ pockets become increasingly crowded.

Are you familiar with this situation?

I was in the same situation many years ago until I decided to make significant changes in my life because I had no upward mobility as an employee.

I learned how to invest my time wisely and gained the financial confidence to stop living a life of shortcomings. If you want to know more about me, you can read my story in detail.

Suppose the above situation is also your case. In that case, it is essential to understand the root cause of your financial struggles before taking any action to see if there is a way to turn things out and make some progress toward feeling more financially stable.

So, based on personal and professional experience gained over the years, I have created a list of primary reasons hindering your financial progress and keeping you in a level of deprivation.



As I mentioned, most of the population is trapped in a system that exploits them to the fullest.

What is the cause?

Well, the general cause is mental patterns. Schools are designed to create jobs and employees. In a word, workers make a linear income. That is why you do not have the mentality, ability, or skills to create other forms of income.

You value comfort instead of freedom and success, so you accept things as they are in the current situation, leaving financial security entirely in the hands of the employer.

To change the situation, you must have the courage to step outside the Status Quo, eliminate resistance to progress, and learn to harness your potential and turn your interests into endless income streams.

Learn to be financially self-sufficient, start and grow a personal business to find more meaning in your work, and stop investing time and money in things and jobs that you do not like or need, which will not bring you prosperity.


The quality of your habits determines the current situation and the situation you will have in the future.

Suppose you generally drink, smoke, use drugs, waste time in front of the TV, wake up or sleep late, do not exercise, do not invest in your personal development, or procrastinate. In that case, all these bad habits will determine up to 95% of your behavior. It is the reason that will not bring progress in your life in any form.

Learn to live a disciplined life and create healthy habits: wake up early, meditate, exercise regularly, read every day, invest in your knowledge, and eat healthily; that helps you make focus, determination, clarity, and a balanced lifestyle, which will implicitly attract unlimited prosperous opportunities in your path.


Have you ever noticed that at certain moments, with certain people, you had an excess of ideas, plans, and a burning desire to accomplish great things, and on other occasions, did you limit yourself to trivial conversations and things with no value?

This is because the people around you influence you. Their energy changes your energy. Do you know the saying:

Show me with whom you hang out so I can tell you who you are.

Suppose you surround yourself with or follow the advice of your family, friends, or other people struggling financially and with bad habits. In that case, you will create the same negative energy around you and a struggling life.

Surround yourself with people who have known success, have a balanced and fulfilled life, and will move the needle regarding your financial growth.


Your income reflects your beliefs around money, and I can say from my experience that this is 100% true.

Negative beliefs such as:

Money is the root of the evil.

Money cannot buy happiness.

If you want money, you are greedy.

Were implemented in our mentality by the school, parents, society, and friends.

Even I grew up with this mentality, which only led to a lifestyle of blockages and financial problems.

If you want prosperity and economic well-being, you must eliminate those fake beliefs and believe the opposite.

You have to understand that money is a tool that offers choices and can also help other people. The decision to use money in the service of good or evil belongs to you.


People are obsessed with spending money, but in most cases, they buy LIABILITIES, the material things that take cash out of their pockets, even for very long periods, that do not bring them any profit. On the contrary!

The difference between the poor and the rich is that the poor will always buy Liabilities, and the rich will buy Assets, which will buy their luxury. They always focus on investing money.

Learn about money from people who have created wealth before, and learn about entrepreneurship, liability, assets, and leverage to understand the language of money and how it works.

Learn how to make it, how to keep it, and how to multiply it!

The more knowledge you have about money, the more you can create financial confidence (the skills and the ability to make money anytime and anywhere).

So, acquire and own assets!

And the best of all assets is YOU.

Invest in your personal growth, your money EQ ( your emotional relationship with money), and your cash IQ (the knowledge of making and investing money).

Your Competence will create your confidence!


Even if you do not believe, Self-Confidence and money go hand in hand. The fact that you made mistakes and failed before made you lose confidence in yourself.

Thus appeared the fear of the unknown, of trying new things, fear of failure, of rejection, which feeds more the lack of self-beliefs, self-doubts, and self-esteem. With all these, creating wealth is challenging because your subconscious thinks you are not worthy.

The moment you learn not to take failures personally, to value yourself, and to capitalize on your talent, skills, and knowledge, you will automatically see how Self-Confidence makes you understand that you deserve much more, you set goals and high standards, and stop accepting everything it does not amount to your value.

What you tell yourself is what you are! Your words will shake your world!

So, if you want to change your income, you must change the internal conversation.


Your current Mindset is created by emotional blocks that keep you stuck in your current situation.

A simple mental switch can make a massive change in your life. It will change the whole relationship with money.

Clear the negative subconscious blocks, change the way you think about abundance and wealth, flip your mental beliefs to source the money, and you will see how all will start to fall into place. A new world of financial possibilities will open up for you.

Disclosure: Some of the links on this website are affiliate links. I may earn a commission if you click through any of them and purchase at no additional cost. I only recommend products or services I trust and believe will add value to my readers. For more information, read the entire affiliate disclosure here.

If you want to know more about how to clear your mental blockages to help you accomplish whatever you want, to change your pattern beliefs in all the areas of your life, and which technique allows you to do so, then you can inform yourself more 👉 HERE.



I need money!

I want to make money!

These are the phrases I kept repeating a few years ago, and I think you and any of us are doing the same. But the mistake I made was that I did not know what I was asking for and wanting.

How much exactly?

For what do I need money?

What will I do to make this money?

When I had clear and powerful statements and visualized the small details, the money started flowing in at the right time. Your current financial situation can be just a chapter, not the whole story.

Start seeing your finances clearly, and you will change the whole course of it.


I love the statement: MONEY IS ATTITUDE!

I think the vast majority are grateful only for the good things that happen in life but not for the bad ones. I know it sounds like a cliché to you, but I thought the same thing until I was curious to deepen the topic.

Over the years, I have learned that money is circular energy that comes around. That is why it is important to show gratitude for the money that comes into your life and for the money that goes out because it has been in your life, you had it, and you could use it.

In this way, you energize the money that goes out and goes in, creating circular energy that will attract new opportunities at the financial level.

Just try it, and you will see that with the right money attitude, your financial obstacles will disappear, and the money will start to flow to you.

You need to identify what steps you need to take to move from your current financial situation to a high standard of financial possibilities.


Which of the reasons listed above are the ones that have left their marks on your financial situation?

Let me know in the comment below. Please tell me if you agree with my statements; I will appreciate both equally.

Also, please spread the information because it can help someone!

Till next time…

Go Beyond Of All Most People Remain!

Diana O.Debreczeni

Founder of Dare & Be.

Dare and Be Founder
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20 thoughts on “Why Does Money Seem To Be Flying Away From You – 9 Reasons Why You Are Struggling Financially”

  1. Dear Diana,

    I can honestly say that money is not everything, it is not to be worshipped if you have the wrong mindset on how to earn it and for what purpose it is used for.

    Money should be saved up rather than spent on too easily as that is how you lose money in the wrong way.

    Money can be put to the right use if you are willing to invest yourself. Example is an education. 

    However, I have to realize that money can only be earned if you work hard for it.

    You never know how successful you can be if you provide your efforts up forefront rather than giving up too easily on an impossible dream how to earn money the correct way online: writing useful blog posts and being an authority figure on Google to rank your website better.


    1. Hi Angel,

      Thank you for your input. It is much appreciate. I know that money is not everything, but I also know from personal experience that it is a tool that offers choices. It is up to everyone to decide for what purpose they are used.

  2. Oh my gosh, this used to be me. Over the last few years, I’ve discovered that if I want money, I must change my mindset. With that said, I’m taking a chance by creating a website to get my message out there. It is so true that if one is afraid, has certain beliefs, purchases liabilities, or makes excuses, they will never get anywhere. What is one method you use to change your attitude toward money? On a daily basis, I practice meditation and affirmations.

    1. I heard you Kiersti. I can say that a few years ago I was the same, due to the pattern beliefs with which I grew up. But everything changed for me the moment I reached that point in my life when I made major changes on all levels. And the first change was to shift my mindset to see things from a new perspective.

      If up to that point I was chasing the money, and everything I was doing was focused on producing it, I came to the conclusion that the more I chased it, the less it was and stayed in my life.

      The moment I started dedicating myself to my passion, and my main focus became to use my knowledge and skills to help people, believe me the whole situation took a significant turn in terms of my financial situation.

  3. Diana, I love your page and your posts! Very true, inspirational, wise words full of guidance! Thank you for spreading the knowledge! I’m a firm believer in how your thoughts and your words all actually shape your reality and whole perception of the world, and learning more about the subconscious mind and how subliminal messages work was very intriguing for me! I took a lot from your words and genuinely thank you again! 

    All Best,


    1. Hi Aimee,

      You welcome. I am glad to see you here. Your kind words of appreciation can only make me very happy, because that means my work is not in vain. Thank you very much for that, and for your time spent in reading my articles.

      Kind regards.

  4. Very good and informative article! It is so true what you say, that the majority of people struggle financially and are exploited and frustrated with the 9/5 system! And I especially love the paragraphs dedicated to the bad environment – the environment matters a lot! – and bad thoughts about money – many people don’t believe in this, but your attitude affects your life more than you can imagine. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Hi Rosalia,

      It is my pleasure. Thank you for stopping by. Indeed, our beliefs, attitude, daily habits, all of these totally influence our lifestyle, and implicitly our financial situation. But we are more or less aware of this.

      Most of the time, we blame external factors for the situation we live in, when in fact we should realize that we are the only ones responsible.

  5. Dear Diana, GREAT article…I totally agree with you more than ever…EVERYTHING in life centers on balance and your mindset. It is also about the habits you create indeed. I think most people need to realize that habits are simply small actions that they do constantly and that eventually become more obvious due to the compound effect over time. It is unbelievable how things enter your reality ‘presumably ‘subconsciously’….if only we pay more attention.
    Thanks for sharing…I will most definitely be sharing this article with my network.
    Namaste and be well.

    1. Hello Michelle,

      Good to see you here. Thank you for your appreciation. I am glad that you sustain my statements. As I specified in the article, having good habits will bring major changes in lifestyle, and also at financially level. Small, but constant good steps must be taken, which after a while have been implemented, will reveal their positive effect.
      Thank you once again for stopping by. Namaste.

  6. Having a good attitude toward money is important in our lives.  I agree that when I went around worrying about money, there was less money.  So, the result was, even though I was far from destitute, I felt destitute!   When time passed, and I realized the truth, things turned around.  While I am surely not wealthy in any financial way, I am blessed and live a comfortable life.  There is enough to buy food, a home to live in.  We have enough to pay the bills.  We can help others.  We have self-supporting children who contribute to the neighborhoods they live in..

    This is a lesson I learned a bit late in life, and for that I am sad.  There were years that were tougher than they should have been.  Budgeting gave me so much freedom.  I had been looking at the word “budget” as a restriction.  When I realized the difference it became freedom.  Instead of going about thinking,” I could only spend $100 a week on food for my family,” I learned to think, “I have $100 for our food, let us see what all we can have.”  Soon our meals were much more fun for me to shop and prepare.  Soon feeding our family became fun again.  My limiting thoughts were making it seem like not enough.  It was the same for the other parts of the budget.  Soon we were saving a bit, paying all the bills and enjoying life.  The money numbers did not change.  Our attitude and mental thoughts sure did.  Try it!  Thanks for your story.

    1. Hi Sami,

      Thank you very much for your beautiful, inspiring and motivating story. It seems that many people live with the wrong attitude and mentality when it comes to money.

      Negative and limited beliefs about money, our outrageous attitude when money goes out from our pockets, only create an even more precarious financial situation.

      Fortunately, you have adopted a positive attitude in your relationship with money, and this has only strengthened the family relationship, and created a positive financial energy circuit.

      Continue this way, and you will see how new financial opportunities, and not only, will open in your way. I wish all the best for you and your family.

  7. What an interesting post! Especially the part about being stuck in your status quo hit home with me! I have spent quite a lot of time recently to determine what values exactly drive my decision to stay in a job that I don’t always love. Security over freedom and success – that‘s it, I could not agree more. The question is how to get out of this rut and I am looking forward to some more insight from you on that. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, I gained some valuable insight from this article.

    1. Hello Drea,

      I appreciate your insights.Thank you for stopping by. In most cases we let ourselves be driven by the false security that we believe an employer can offer us. But unfortunatelly this is not the case, and the current economic situation, in which many people have lost their jobs, is the most relevant exemple.

      As a suggestion, also you work as an employee because it gives you that financial stability, take advantage and have the courage to build a personal business. It doesn’t matter if it’s offline or online. The fact that you will create something for yourself, that you like, and that will produce income, will motivate you to continue in your current job, to accomplish your goals.

      The fact that I worked as an employee helped me pay for my studies, for my professional certifications which helped me create my own business. But I didn’t stop at just being an employee.

      Diversification, in this case, into several instruments which will produce financially, is the real key to financial stability and freedom. Don’t you think?

  8. Hi Diana, these are words of wisdom. The tendency of someone who is struggling with financial issues is to feel that the people who are rich are just lucky. Your tips here show that it is clearly not so. 3 of them jump out at me because I have been trying to sort out my challenges for years. Negative beliefs I have are those I grew up with such as it is greedy to want more money. I have kicked some of my lousy habits such as being a bit lazy. I am also working on watching my language, because they reflect what I truly believe. Good article. Thank you

    1. Hi JJ,

      I appreciate your kind words, and I am glad you realized that beeing wealthy is not about luck. It can really be a factor in a very small percentage, but the factors that really influence everyone’s financial situation, in my opinion, are those described in the article.

      I am also glad that you became aware which of those factors hindered your financial progress, and you had the will to change or eliminate them. Good for you!

      Thank you for stopping by.

  9. Hello, 

    This was a well written and interesting article. 

    I enjoyed your list of reasons on why people are struggling with money. 

    At this time we are all struggling with money due to Covid-19 whether it’s reduced hours or laid off work. 

    The section on negative beliefs about money struck a chord with me. 

    It’s too easy to think money can’t buy you happiness and just give up.

    Best wishes, 


    1. Hello Cameron,

      Thank you for your time in reading the article, and for your appreciation. Unfortunatelly, I know many people who were in financial struggle, for the reasons listed in the article, even before the Covid. The current situation has only brought their financial situation from floating to sinking. You would even be surprised how many people I meet who have the mentality of negative beliefs. They still exist, and they set limits on their financial progress.

  10. First of all, you have an amazingly beautiful website. Secondly, I do love the part about “Negative belief about money.” I have seen another article from another site, and the subject is talking about how rich and poor people spend their money. Poor people usually spend their money on items that they want, while rich people will spend money to make more money. (investment).

    1. Hello Ethan,

      Thank you for stopping by, and for the feedback for my website. I am glad that you are one of the people whose topic of interest is finance.

      Indeed, as I specified in my article, the poor, but also middle class, are used to buy liabilities. As you said “items that they want”, and I will complet “but not necessarily need them”. And the rich people will always seek to multiply their income through investments.

      Thank you for your comment, and you are more than welcome back for new updates.

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