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Making Life Change – The Six Fundamental Pillars

“We are the products of our past, but we do not have to be prisoners of it.”

Making life change, is certainly something that many of us reach at some point in our lives, whether on a personal or professional level. Even you.

When it comes to health, one of the fundamental human rights, the change it depends entirely on your main habits, nutrition and your mental balance.

To control the body and to bring a balance to your physical health, it is necessary to clear the mental clutter first.Your mind must be in unison with the desired change.

Maybe you intend to change certain aspects such as to reach a certain weight, to give up smoking or other addictions, or to exercise.

But most of the time, you give up. Why? Because you see them as something immeasurable, hard to achieve, which involves a long time.

To avoid this, you must take small, measurable, realistic steps that will be easy to follow, and that can be introduced in your daily routine.

Over time, these steps will turn into habits and will bring positive effects to your health.

“Yesterday, I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself!” Rumi




If you know that you need this change in your life, and you want to make it happens, I will share with you the six fundamental pillars, that will be the basis for the change of your physical well-being.




It is a problem that most people face today. That is why, besides physical exercises (Yoga, Pilates, Thai Chi), I recommend you daily meditation (even 10-15 minutes), breathing techniques, or you can even do simple but enjoyable things like a crossword puzzle, reading a book, listen to music, massage, playing with your kids or with your pet. Also different artistic activities that will keep your mind focused and will distress you.




The second step is to change your diet and to incorporate a much larger amount of water. You need to reduce the salt and sugar consumption and gave up acidified drinks. Daily, in the morning, you can drink fresh orange, smoothies mixed with fruits and vegetables, or bananas and berries milkshake. If you are a hard coffee drinker, I recommend reducing it, especially if you do not consume much water. Primarily because it has a diuretic effect, leading to dehydration, and secondly, excessive consumption will cause a state of excitement and nervousness.

Increase the consumption of fruits, vegetables (most of them raw), animal and vegetal proteins (fish, chickens, wakame seaweed salad, edamame knew as well as soybeans), dry fruits and healthy fats (olive oil, salmon, avocado).

If you are not a water consumer at all, and you drink it strictly when your body ask for,  because it is already dehydrated, then you can expect to damage a lot your health, and especially your kidneys. Do not wait until you are thirsty to drink water.

First in the morning when you wake up,  drink at least 500 ml of water. That will bring health to your intern organs, will give clarity to your mind, and it will boost your body energy.

So, pay more attention to your nutrition, and introduce or increase the water consumption (up to 2l per day).




Eliminate your addictions (smoking, alcohol, drugs). If you are a smoker, this lying vice, only gives you the impression that it eliminates stress, but in reality, is doing exactly the opposite. I recommend eliminating or reducing smoking before starting a work out routine. If you have a daily physical work out routine,  but also smoking at the same time, only will help you to shape the body on the outside, but it will not bring you benefits inside.




From medical opinion, 8 hours of sleep is the ratio that a person should have. The lack of sufficient hours of sleep can bring you repercussions as migraines of a very high intensity, a permanent fatigue, lack of concentration, low efficiency and heart problems. It is recommend, if not 8 hours of sleep per night, at least 6-7 hours. Set a sleep schedule and stick to it even in the day off.




Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle, and implementing a daily physical work routine, or at least 2-3 time per week, brings you mental benefits (eliminates stress, mental fatigue), and physical benefits (increase your health and energy, change your mood, maintains your weight under control and a healthy organs, and improves your body mobility).




It is beneficial to prevent the outset of various conditions that may occur unconsciously or unnoticed. It is recommended to have a periodic examination every 6 months or at most 1 year. Due to the stressful, sedentary lifestyle most of the time, or poor nutrition, your health is at risk.






In the world there are three categories of people: “the wishers”, ” the wanters” and “the makers”. If you are one that sum up the essentials of three categories, you can be sure that the change you want and you see it as a need, you will make it a reality.

To not lose the art of sharing and caring, feel free to share your opinion and your stories in the comment below.


Till next time…

Create A Healthy Life!

~ Diana D. ~

Founder of

Founder of Dare and Be






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10 thoughts on “Making Life Change – The Six Fundamental Pillars”

  1. Making life changes is easier said than done but, if we really want it, we can make it happen!

    Your first pillar, in my opinion, is my go-to for over-all well-being!  I combine Qi Gong, Tai chi, Yoga, pilates and daily meditations.  For me, personally, these daily practices make every other pillar you’ve mentioned, more attainable and sustainable!

    People who have never tried even simple breathing exercises would be amazed to learn how even the smallest efforts, when made into a practice, can shift our awareness of our own bodies and the world around us.   

    1. Hello Fyre,

      Thank you for stopping by. It is always a pleasure for me to meet like-minded people with great habits,  bringing the balance in their lives. I am glad that you are one of them. 

  2. Thanks for writing such an informative article. Every day thousands of people suffer from stress problems. I am one of them. After reading this articIe I feel much lighter. I understood that small changes can improve my lifestyle. Hopefully, I and others who read this article will be able to remove the stress problem from our lives. 

    Thanks for writing such a beautiful article.

    1. Hello Shami,

      Nowadays, more and more people are experiencing stress problems. Unfortunately, this is because of an alert and uncontrollable lifestyle. I recommend a break for the brain to detach from all problems, and the most recommended is to meditate 10-15 minutes daily.

  3. Hello you are truly an inspiration, your story is a great way to give confidence. The post about music healing is one that I do believe. I use music in my life every day with the mood swings. Your site is very informal and it helps me look forward to my future. I have failed at a lot in my life, but I’m not giving up. Thank you for being an inspiration.

    1. Hello there,

      I am glad that my articles are an inspiration for you. I hope they are  for many of my readers. Thank you for stopping by Michael, and for your appreciation. Never give up. Do small improvements, and with the time you will see the final result.

  4. Hello, I must say that this article is very helpful and informative. Making a change in our life is not so easy, it takes a lot of dedication and patience because bad habits are not easy to eject. I am glad I stumbled upon your topic because I need to work n my exercise level, it is so important for reducing stress but unfortunately, my daily life takes all of my time, I will need to pay more attention to it.

    1. Hi Danijel,

      Thank you for stopping by. It is true, changing your lifestyle it is difficult, but not impossible. First you need to be aware that you need these changes and after making it one at the time. If you will try to change many areas in the same time, you will have no improvement. For reducing stress, I can recommend you as well 10-15 minutes meditation. I think you can allow these minutes just for yourself.

  5. Hi Diana,
    I love your Article about stress and bad habits because Lord knows I’ve been dealing with both on various occasions, I love the saying
    “We are the products of our past, but we do not have to be prisoners of it.” and absolutely agree to that, here’s to a better future and success!

    1. Hi, thank you for your time and your feedback.
      Due to everyone’s alert lifestyle, more and more people are facing the stress problems using different vices.
      I was one of those people, but because of the change and improvement of the different aspects in my lifestyle, I can say now that I am a truly happy person. That is why I wrote this article.😊

      For a better life,

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