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Wealthy Affiliate Login To A Financial Opportunity – Review

Can Wealthy Affiliate login you to a financial opportunity in the digital world? The answer is definitely YES!

Imagine how you would feel if you could wake up in the morning and know that your income for the day is guaranteed. Wouldn’t you want to find out how to do this?

Well, you can do it with the Wealthy Affiliate platform by:

• Building your own online business based on your interests.

• Making a side-hustle income or full-time income promoting affiliate products, or your products.

• Earning commission by promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

UPDATED REVIEW 2023! – FOUR-YEAR EXPERIENCE AS AN INSIDER! 🔥 In this article I will provide you with my simple, direct, and honest Wealthy Affiliate review as an insider. It will be informative, with both the good and the bad. It is the same business model I followed to build my online brand, so I think it is worth bringing to the readers’ attention. 🔥


My experience with the online world, BEFORE joining the platform, was not a pleasant one at all.

On the contrary. Very disappointed (wasteful regarding time and money), coming from different online platforms of business models.

Like many others, I was looking for online solutions to eliminate a lifestyle in which I had a work schedule, not 9-5, but 8-8 in happy cases.

A job that did not allow me to have time for myself, family, or hobbies, and as I had to do something to change the situation, I went in to explore the digital world.

After countless disappointing experiences, it was normal to have doubts when I came across Wealthy Affiliate.

Should I take the risk again?

What gives me the confidence to think that this time I will connect with the right platform, training, and people?

Well, the answer came in the way I expected least:

I did not have to take any risks!

Let me explain to you how …



PRODUCT NAME: Wealthy Affiliate

PRODUCT TYPE: Affiliate Marketing Platform

CO-FOUNDERS: Kyle Loudoun & Carson Lim



RATING: 4.9/5 (in my opinion)

RECOMMENDED: YES, for people with the right mindset


Wealthy Affiliate is a very well-rated online platform, based on online reviews, with 18 years of experience, which provides affiliate marketing training (and not only) for marketers of all levels.

Available in 193 countries, with over 2.6 million members, I can say that Wealthy Affiliate is one stop shop, suitable and affordable, where marketers can learn, create, develop, and manage their online businesses.

All these are in one place!

affiliate marketing, wealthy affiliate

If the term “affiliate marketing” is not known to you, the simplest definition I can give you is that of a process through which you can earn money online by promoting other’s people or companies’ products.

More, in short, find an affiliate product that you want to promote, and earn a commission for every sale made of that product.

99% of people start with affiliate marketing because it is the simplest model to create an online business and make money from it.

But it is certainly not a business model that will enrich you overnight. To be honest, none of them are, whether it is an offline or online business.


Based on the business-building process, Wealthy Affiliate preaches 4 simple steps that can lead you to success:


With this formula, and learning how you can succeed, the result can be only SUCCESS! Right?

Easy to say, but is it just as easy to do?

Let’s find out. Keep reading…


I would like to introduce you to two wonderful people: Carson Lim (Co-Founder and Design Chief) & Kyle Loudoun (Co-Founder and Marketing Chief) of the Wealthy Affiliate platform, also good friends whose experience is in Computer Science.

Back in 2005, they laid the foundation for this platform, created by people for people, in the true meaning of their words: “Our focus remains YOU and only YOU!”

What do they mean by that? It’s because they care about every member that joins the Wealthy Affiliate program, and they do everything they can to support and to see them succeed.

Therefore, they want to provide financial opportunities for as many people as possible, to create their online business, and earn revenue online as affiliate marketers.

They created a secure, powerful, and innovative platform where as a member, your knowledge of affiliate marketing and apply it at the same time to create your online business.

This platform can be a life changer for you, but to reach success lies only in your hands!

Even if I said behind the scenes, Kyle & Carson can be seen very often engaged in Live Chat conversations, providing answers and solutions, or creating new “key” articles.


Wealthy Affiliate Membership has 3 levels:


You will take the first step in creating your online business FOR FREE! WITH NO RISK! NO CARD IS REQUIRED! 

Personally, on the other platforms, I had to pay the registration fee. Here, at Wealthy Affiliate, all you need, is access to the internet, a computer/laptop, or phone to work, and basic English knowledge because the training is in the English language.

SIGN UP FOR FREE STARTER MEMBERSHIP if curiosity and motivation push you, and you want to give it a try with 100% no risk. You will have included 1 website hosted on the Wealthy Affiliate platform and access to the first 5 lessons from training.

The free starter membership is a tester of the platform where you can explore and get comfortable with it, with the training, and you can even build your free website. You have time to see if it is really for you, and to make a confident decision if you will go all the way.



If you are willing to move your training and your business to the next level, then you can go

PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP with $49/month and you will have 10 websites hosted on the platform, unlimited access to the tools, online marketing training, tutorial training, weekly live webinars, and much more.


For YEARLY PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP, you will pay only $495, instead of $588 ($49/month X 12 months). You can save $93, and will also be included in the price one (I recommend you to have your


It was introduced in 2020 as an extension of Premium Membership coverage.

In the first month, you can benefit from the $50 discount offer, meaning you will pay only $49 (just like Premium).

Then you will pay $99/month, and $995/ year.

But let’s see what extensive coverage you have with Premium Plus:

    • Advanced video training is accessible to Premium Plus members only

    • Advanced Website & Hosting Package ($250 value)

    • 50 Websites (with Premium Membership only 10 websites)

    • Advanced Hosting Security Suite

    • Visits 1 million/monthly (with Premium only 500.000/monthly)

    • Priority Expert private help

    • Jaaxy Enterprise (Premium has Jaaxy Lite)

    • Instant Competition Analysis

    • Keyword Idea Generation

    • 5×Multi -Threaded Search

    • 10.000 Site Rank Analysis Scans

    • Automated Domain Availability Search

It is indeed a very complex package!



The answer is very simple. For YOU and  EVERYONE with the right Mindset, reason, purpose, and vision.

I will give you a few examples:

    • All people who want to build an online business for a passive income, or a side hustle income

    • Beginners with zero knowledge in affiliate marketing or the tech world, who want to develop the knowledge and skills in affiliate marketing

    • Advanced affiliate marketers

    • Single mom/dad

    • Stay-at-home mom/dad

    • Employees

    • Students

    • Business owners

    • Retirees

    • Opportunity seekers

The examples can be unlimited, but…


I do not want you to misunderstand me!!!


• An Overnight Money-Making Machine.


• Get Rich Quickly And Easily.

You are provided with the place to start creating your own online business, with all the resources and tools, guidance, and support, but the entire effort is yours. No one will work for you!

You are the only one who sets your direction for success, with patience, perseverance, commitment, willing to put in the hard work by taking action consistently.

You have everything you need to succeed in your pocket, but you must also have the right MINDSET to understand the amount of time and work you have to involve and to know how to make use of the information, tools, and program.

Every experience and success is different!!!

It depends on you, the level of success you want to achieve, the strategies you use, the niche and products that you promote, and especially the time you allocate for and the work you put in.

Wealthy Affiliate provides you with long-term methods to build your online business. Success happens, but it is conditioned by time and hard work!



I am not a Native English speaker either. There are so many members on the platform from all over the world, but that does not stop them from pursuing their goals.

As long as you understand the English language, you can go through the training without problems.


I am not a writer either. But it is enough to transmit your experience, your expertise, and your knowledge, in your way. The first step may be difficult (as it is for everything), but after you will love it.


The Wealthy Affiliate program is structured to guide you from the beginner level to the advanced level.

The training is created to be easy to understand. I started from scratch, with no previous knowledge in affiliate marketing or the tech world, with zero followers, and zero readers.

I’m sure you can do it too if you’re stubborn enough to succeed. You do not need to be an expert in the tech world to be successful online, but for sure you need to learn some skills, and on the Wealthy Affiliate platform you can learn them.


Even if you work online part-time (as I do), step-by-step you will achieve something big before you realize it. Important is to have patience and be committed to it.

To succeed, you need to become a good time manager!

Let’s dig deeper…


The first thing that you will notice in the Wealthy Affiliate platform is the vibrant, interactive, welcoming, and helpful WORLDWIDE COMMUNITY, simple and normal people like you and me, who have known already success, willing to support, assist, and give you information if you get stuck.

Also, you will have a direct connection with me (Diana), your mentor, and of course with the owners.

It was one of the surprising things for me, to find out that I can have a direct chat with Kyle & Carson via Private Message or Live Chat. A very rare thing found on other platforms.


More than 1000+/ year up-to-date training modules, all available as Premium and Premium Plus Membership.

Online Entrepreneur Certification (OEC): it is a training recommended to start with, created for beginners with 5 levels which will walk you step-by-step, through the entire process of creating and developing your online business in affiliate marketing.

    • to understand affiliate marketing and how it works

    • to choose a niche based on your interests

    • to build and set up (back office) your website

    • to start writing content based on keywords

    • to build and drive traffic to your website

    • most important you learn how to start monetizing it.

The five levels are:

LEVEL 1: Getting Started

LEVEL 2: Building your traffic-producing website

LEVEL 3: Making Money (Do not understand that with this level you will already earn money).

LEVEL 4: Mastering Social Engagement

LEVEL 5: Achieving Maximum Success Through Content Creation

Take your time at your pace, to go through each lesson without skipping the tasks from the end of each one. It is very important because this will build a strong foundation for your business. Here is not about race, it is about individual progress in time.

Affiliate Bootcamp Training: it is a training with 7 levels (10 lessons each), a total of 70 lessons, created for the Making Money Online (MMO) niche where you have also the opportunity, to promote Wealthy Affiliate.

Let’s see which they are:

PHASE 1: Getting your business rolling

PHASE 2: Content, keywords, and conversions

PHASE 3: Giving your site social value

PHASE 4: Get visual, get aesthetic. Get a brand through media

Phase 5: Knowing your audience

Phase 6: Bing, Yahoo, and the power of PPC

Phase 7: How to scale Successful PPC Campaigns

It remains strictly up to you whether you want to promote Wealthy Affiliate or not. But having the possibility to earn revenue, I’m sure you’ll consider it.

ADDITIONAL MARKETING CLASSROOMS: with additional video tutorials, courses, guides, and training, which provide tips, advice, and commonly asked questions. You will have expert knowledge under your belt.

WEEKLY LIVE WEBINARS: live class database 400+ available only for Premium and Premium Plus Members. You can bring your knowledge to a higher level, every Saturday evening, with Jay- Training Chief (known as @magistudios), one of the key experts within Wealthy Affiliate, which give live class, live Q & A where you can ask direct questions related to the topic.


Website Builder: with the SITE RUBIX platform create 1 free website with Starter Membership, 10 websites with Premium Membership, and 50 websites with Premium Plus Membership.

Site Manager: where you can see your websites, and the Site Health, a clear indicator that provides website performance.

Site Domain: Wealthy Affiliate’s domain registrar with 100% security, backups, and speed boost equates to faster rankings and site emails.

Site Content: helps you to create better content inside the Wealthy Affiliate, and to publish on your WordPress site. Only with Premium and Premium Plus membership.

Site Comments: this helps you to boost engagement. You can request comments from the community on your website, being approved by you. Only with Premium and Premium Plus membership.

Site Feedback: helps you to request feedback from the community, about your website and contents. Only with Premium and Premium Plus membership.

Website Support 24/7/365: will fix any problem related to your website in just a few minutes away. Not hours! Only with Premium and Premium Plus membership.

Personal Blog: post your article in your Wealthy Affiliate’s blog and let the other members know you, your experience, your thoughts, and your success. Create 1 million relationships.

JAAXY: a keyword research tool, vital for your content. It is estimating how much search volume has a keyword in the search engine, how many visitors you could have on the site if you will be ranked on the first page of Google, Yahoo, and Bing, and how tough the competition is. Only with Premium and Premium Plus membership.

AFFILIATE PROGRAMS: a search for the best Affiliate Programs in the world, in different niches, to help you generate revenue with your online business.

24/7 HELP CENTER: never get stuck, always receiving the right solutions.

LIVE CHAT: get instant help and coaching from members and experts.

REAL-TIME NOTIFICATIONS: you will receive all the important system alerts.

USEFUL RESOURCES: more than 10.000 to get an answer to your questions, to find any member in specific, or to find a training.

Learn, build, earn, and become an expert in the best affiliate program with Wealthy Affiliate. It is a very complex platform, with everything you need to succeed, under the same roof.



I think you have already guessed. Wealthy Affiliate Does Not Give You Refunds.

Based on the possibility to enroll for free as a starter member, and to make use of training and platform cancel the chance to receive refunds if you upgrade to Premium or Premium Plus membership.

From my point of view, it is a fair decision. As a Starter member, you have plenty of time to make a confident decision for yourself.

Sursa photo https://favpng.comTH


So far I hope I managed to create an overview of what Wealthy Affiliate means and provides, but I want to make a simple analogy as well.

Have you ever experienced Bungee Jumping, voluntarily jumping into the unknown from huge heights, and being in delight? If the answer is yes, I want to ask you:

Why would anyone jump from such a scary height?

I think the answer is very simple. In addition to the desire for adrenaline, there is also TRUST.

“In the case of Bungee Jumping, there must be trust in the tensility of a rope, but especially in a system that has been tested and approved overtime.”

Wealthy Affiliate is this system. It has been tested and approved for 18 years.

That must mean something, right?

“Once you jump, you have to figure it all out. You have to pull into many sides of yourself. That is the true leap: to be everything you need to be inside the dream of your life.”

My experience on the platform is of 4 years already, and I can say that my journey with Wealthy Affiliate was a roller-coaster, but also rewarded in many ways.

So, after all this time as a member, I can make an honest evaluation of the PROS and CONS.


Free to Start

• Accessible to marketers of all levels.

• Transparency. No hidden information.

• It is not MLM or Ponzi scheme.

• Has zero inventory and cold calls.

• Video training is easy to understand and follow.

• Possibility to collaborate with other members.

• Free to cancel the account at any time.

• Worldwide community and experts.

• Possibility to create between 1-50 websites depending on membership (Starter, Premium, or Premium+).

• Hosting your domains.

• WordPress included.

• SSL Certificate Security.

• Website Support.

• personal mentor.

• Possibility to connect with the owners.

NOTE: With this all-inclusive package you get the best value for money!


• The lack of a review process on the members who sign up, leads to the risk of attracting all sorts of system players.

• Exclusive strategy video training only with Premium Plus.

• Priority Expert Private help only with Premium Plus.

• The amount of training and information on the platform, the tasks, all of these can be very confusing and overwhelming, especially at the beginning. But don’t forget, you are not alone.

• It brings consistent long-term results. But there are exceptions, of course.


• Wealthy Affiliate is not a magic wand that will bring you big gains in a short time. If you start, START WITH THE RIGHT MINDSET!

• Wealthy Affiliate members have known success, but their success does not mean it will be yours. Nobody guarantees it to you.

• No system/ program/ platform is perfect or the best. None of them is without flaws and only perks. They all have flaws or offer more on one side and less on the other. Important is to find the right one for you.

• An online business can become very addictive. There is a very thin line between working in business, and not for business.

Taking into account all the features that are included on the Wealthy Affiliate platform (training, hosting, number of websites, security package, community experts, non-stop assistance, etc.) and the affordable price to pay… FOR ME REMAINS THE #1 OPTION! 


Neither my review, nor any other reviews you can read out there, will give you a more realistic, and honest perspective than YOUR REVIEW BASED ON YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE!

After all the information I have provided if you:

• are curious to see for yourself how it works.

• want to develop knowledge and skills in Affiliate Marketing.

• want to build your own online business, a side-hustle income, or a full-time one,

then HIT THE BUTTON BELOW 👇 and we will see inside.

Also, feel free to leave any questions or concerns in the comment below, especially if I omitted any information that interests you.

Till next time…

Figure Out What You Need To Do, To Be!

~ Diana O. Debreczeni ~

Founder of Dare & Be.

the founder

Spread the Word to the World!

44 thoughts on “Wealthy Affiliate Login To A Financial Opportunity – Review”

  1. Wao! What an amazing and detailed review of WA you have successfully documented. WA programme is indeed helping to structure and guide from the beginners level to the advance level. You are absolutely correct. Also, WA trainings are easy to understand, even if one is not an expert in technology, but WA taught subscribers the skills that will be valuable sooner or later.
    Kudos to you and keep up with the good work.

    1. Hi Sarah,

      I appreciate your input. As I mentioned in the article, the best review is your own experience, and from your comment I realize that you are already experiencing the benefits of WA, which come with your registration as a member.

      I’m glad you took this step, and I can only wish you much success in building your online business.

  2. This is a very good review. As member of WA for a few months now, I can say it is accurate. I would add that you need to dedicate a certain amount of time to being successful there, on a regular basis. 

    Like you say, WA is not a get rich quick scheme. 

    On a side note, I am impressed at your ability at English! 

    1. Thank you, Julianne, for your kind words of appreciation. I’m glad you joined our community. I hope you get the most out of your training and all the tools you have at your disposal, and your online business is constantly growing. Keep us updated.

  3. I’ve been a Premium member at Wealthy Affiliate for the past four years, and it’s definitely worth the cost. Any time that I have had a question about anything, I have always quickly found an answer. Also, the training is very thorough. One way of telling that Wealthy Affiliate isn’t a scam is the fact that it’s been around for 16 years. Many of the members havealso  been there for a good number of years.

    1. Thank you for taking the time to share your experience and feedback on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Any other opinion provides more value to my article. It is very appreciated. I wish you best of luck and much success in your online business.

  4. In my opinion, this is the best article I’ve read. A true comprehensive review of WA, the amount you pay for so much and varied valuable information on WA, is really cheap.
    At first I wanted to create job opportunities for me via the Internet, I was very confused, I do not know where to start, I watched YouTube, I read many publications, but all are not arranged, I do not see the right way. One day a pop-up ad appeared about WA. I was curious, I visited the site, was amazed at the amount of information arranged and the exercises on the site, I immediately subscribed to it.
    It is an integrated university.

    1. Hi Ahmed,

      Thank you for stopping by, and for your appreciation of the article. It is good to know that you enjoy your journey of building your own business on the WA platform. Keep us informed in which direction your business is heading, having as a starting point the training and guidance of the experts on the platform.

  5. Personally this is one of the best and genuine platforms that I have come across that is non Ponzi or MLM, with a friendly and welcoming community. And with a step by step training to help you in building and running a website within a short time. Considering their webhosting services, i think they offer more than what you actually pay for.

    1. Hi Volkert,

      Thank you for your contribution. I agree with you. If we were to get everything the Wealthy Affiliate platform offers separately (a considerable number of websites, hosting and support for them, their security, training, etc.), we would easily take out of our pockets a considerable amount of money. It is indeed the most beneficial option to learn, create, and grow your own online business. 

  6. Hi Diana.

    Thanks for sharing this article. Very informative. and well done. much better than mine.
    People keep saying that affiliate marketing is the best, despite other moneymakers online business.

    I’m very new in this domain and we all come here to make money, to have a forever passive income. 

    But why we all have to work hard to get? Shouldn’t be so hard isn’t? 

    I love it. and also your site dareandbe is on my cuppa of tea. well done. love it!


    1. Hi Ariana,

      Thank you very much for appreciation. Indeed, affiliate marketing is the simplest business model to make money online compared to other online business models. It is considered simple because you do not have a stock of products, you do not have to make an inventory, you do not complicate with the payments and shipping formalities, etc. You got the idea.

      But still, there is a lot of work when you put it into practice. Not because the system is difficult and complicated, but because, being new to the market, you must first gain the buyers trust. You need to know your audience, provide solutions to their needs, look for quality products to promote so that they know they can trust your recommendations and your word.

      All these takes time and effort!

      I hope I answered your question. Thank you for stopping by, and you are more than welcome to come back anytime for new updates.

  7. Wealthy affiliate is definitely one of those programs that has intrigued me for a while! I have never been able to conduct some thorough research on the topic though. This article is the significant turning points for me where I am able to make a wise an educated decision on whether or not I will try whealthy affiliate. I think this will be amazing

    1. Hi Misael,

      I am glad that I was able to provide the necessary information to solidify the decision to follow or not Wealthy Affiliate. As I specified in the article, Wealthy Affiliate platform is not perfect, but no other platform is. The important thing is to come to the conclusion on your own if it is perfect for you.

      But the all-inclusive package you find on the platform, especially at the price it is, you will not find elsewhere. That is why, after a year, for me there is still the first choice. I’m sure you’ll make the right decision!

  8. Thank you so much for your honest review on Wealthy Affiliate. I came across this platform the other day and I just have to find out what is it all about. I love the fact that you can have the free trial and try all the important features and take it from there. I am going to check it out and take it from there. 

    1. Hello Nuttanee,

      It is good to see you here. Thank you for stopping by. It is my job to give readers a review as realistic as possible, with positive and negative things, even if I am a member of this platform.

      As I said, each platform has its pros and cons, but it is important to find the right place for you. The fact that WA gives you the opportunity to try for free if it is suitable for you, is an extra point for them.

      Give it a try! You really have nothing to lose.

  9. Hi there, it seems that everything comes with a little bit of a risk built-in, but it’s usually best to minimize the amount of unnecessary risk in business ventures… so this is great! It’s so nice to get a free trial / free account to be able to test out how everything works behind the scenes before deciding whether or not to take it to the next level with a pro account. Thanks for sharing this helpful feedback

    1. Hello Aly,

      Thank you for stopping by. I am glad you found the article helpful. I really tried to bring a detailed and honest review with useful information, to be available to anyone who wants to build an online business, and be able to make the right decision.

  10. Hi Diana,

    I really liked reading your article on Wealthy Affiliate and the detail that you have gone into to explain what it is all about. What really impressed me the most is how honest and truthful your review was and how you explained that it is not a “get rich scheme”. I think for me this was really important and one of the greatest aspects of its open and honest approach. 

    Thank you Diana for being honest with this very detailed and well written article.

    1. Hi Imelda,

      I am glad you appreciate the sincerity of my review. This was also my intention; to give real, concrete and reliable information for all those who want to benefit from the opportunity to create their own online business. Starting as a first step with concrete and real information, can help each person in taking the right decision for them.

  11. After quitting my job with the intention of starting my own business and becoming my own boss, I tried to search for platforms to help me grow but I could not find any. Until I came across Wealthy Affiliate. The most intriguing feature is their active support system. Thank you very much.

    1. Hello Benny,

      I am glad you decided to sign up for this platform. It is, indeed very secure, innovative and active program. Enjoy the journey, and do your best to build a successful business. Best of luck.

  12. I am new in this online world. Your guide is very helpful for me to know more about wealthy affiliate. I’m surprised how affordable it is and how many tools and training is included. Thanks for mentioning English is not your first language, that gives me confidence to give this opportunity a try

    1. Hello Bai Asha,

      Welcome to WA. I am glad you sign up for this platform. The price is very affordable comparing with the amount of training, tools and resources provided here. Just focus on your vision, stay stick with the training, ask questions if you don’t know, and I am sure you will build a successful business online. All the best.

  13. Your guide is very helpful for beginner to build trust. Before join WA I was not confident about the wealthy affiliate platform. After entering in WA community I find everything need to run a successful business online. Now I am running my own branded business. It only possible with WA training. Training is very important here if we want to run a successful business online. Thanks for your sweet guide.

    1. Hello Naksh,

      Thank you for your kind words. Is good to know that your success is brilliant. Always after the hard work come the payback time. Continue your great job.

  14. Hello, I joined few month ago and find it is the best education system to setup our own business online. While reading I know that they created a secure, powerful, and innovative platform where, as a member, we regain confidence in our own abilities, to push as much as possible the limits outside the comfort zone, to assimilate vast knowledge to apply afterwards, and especially it gives you the opportunity to know the success. Thanks for sharing awesome guide.

  15. Hey, I enjoy a lot while reading your review on wealthy affiliate and find it very helpful for everyone. We will have everything we need to succeed, but we must have the right MINDSET to know how to make use of the information, tools, and program. Remember It depends on us, the level of success we want to achieve, and especially the time we allocate for it. I love wealthy affiliate very much. Hope everyone will fall in love with wealthy affiliate after joining.

    1. Hi Parveen,

      It is nice to see your enthusiasm regardless WA. It is true, when you come across with this platform, with the progam, tools and especialy with the kindness of  this community, is impossible to not love it.

  16. Hello, Wealthy Affiliate program is structured to guide us from the beginner level to the advanced level. The training is created to be easy to understand. I started from scratch, with no previous knowledge. Now I am running my online business with the help of wealthy affiliate training and getting awesome results. I am thankful to two wonderful people: Kyle Loudoun & Carson Lim for developing such amazing platform.

    1. Hi Harish,

      Welcome to my website. I am glad to know that you are part of our community,and especially that your business is flourishing. Keep doing great job.

  17. Ciao Diana! Aww, what a nice relaxing site. And this is a very nice opportunity. I’m surprised how affordable it is and how many tools and training is included. Thanks for mentioning English is not your first language, that gives me confidence to give this opportunity a try! Thank you very much!

    1. Ciao Paolo,

      Thank you very much for stopping by and for your appreciation.

      WA it is a wonderful program, with a beautiful community, a platform with all inclusive, where to be honest, I feel like home.

      I am very proud of myself, of my progress in my business and of my decision to join this platform.

      Just jump up and accept the challenge. You will won’t regret!

  18. I’ve been reading a lot of great things about wealthy affiliate and your article only makes me want to try it even more. But please tell me, realistically from the point of view of someone who has been using it, how long until you actually start making money? And how much time you need to put into it? Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Afonso,

      I am glad to see you here. Thank you for taking the time to read the article and for asking these great questions.

      To give you the answer…

      “How long?” Nobody Knows. And I will tell you why.

      My progress will never be the same as yours. It is an individual progress.

      To make a statistic you have to consider a few factors: the niche you choose, the quality and the quantity of your contents, to gain authority as a website; the products you choose to sell; the strategy to promote the products which you recommend; the time alocated to your online business.

      You can earn a few money after 6-12 months if you will have a very good strategy and if you will work full time in your business, or can take much more longer if you will work just a few hours daily.

      Like any business, building a solid foundation takes time.

  19. Wow! Great Review post.
    Thank you so much Diana for sharing this beautiful article with us.
    I’m a member of Wealthy AffiIiate. My friend Jake encouraged me to be a member of Wealthy AffiIiate. I was worried because the program would not be good for me. I think the platform is secure and innovative. I can run my business anywhere. I have taken Wealthy AffiIiate training. Wealthy AffiIiate’s training is great. I’m Making Money With Wealthy AffiIiate Successfully.

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